Building an Arcade Joystick Controller – TECH

Building an Arcade Joystick Controller – TECH

Join me today on this lovely journey on How I mad my very own arcade joystick USB controller :D!!!

Takes a lot of through planning to make something like this but as long as you have a will there is a way! NEVER GIVE UP!

Never give up on your dreams!! 😀

I used a program called inkscape to create vector lines of my controller box. I then sent those files to a company called ponoko who cut them out for me with there laser cutter :D. I got .25 inch MDF board with a black melamine cover for this build. I then proceeded to clamp my pieces together with my bessey strap clamp. I glued everything together with gorilla wood glue. I then cut wood pieces to fit and glue into each corner and then drilled and screwed the box together for added stregnth and rigidity. Whenever I glued something I waited a day for the glue to cure and dry. Once the box was together I began on installing the buttons and electronics. its simple really. You just have to use the nut provided with the buttons and screw on the buttons and then connect the switchs to the ends of the buttons. Then you run the wires form the switches to the USB encoder. Plug all the USB plugs into the USB hub and screw on the top and tada! its finished!

Such a fun project to build. I love seeing thing come to be from nothing more than thoughts in my head.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it was of help to you 😀

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day :D!!!

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Wayne Rattansingh says:

Has usb controllers

Wayne Rattansingh says:

The PlayStation classic have Ian controllers

Wayne Rattansingh says:

Thank you and one more thing I am building a not stick controller like what you did but can I hook it up to a PlayStation classic it is a usb

Wayne Rattansingh says:

hey can you send the names of the joystick and knobs and the cabinet


wood glue doesnt really help with melamine tho only exposed wood edges

Nick Daglis says:

Good stuff, would love for you to talk about some of your favorite fighting games

Jasper Schwarz says:

Can you upload the link to plans for the base?

Awesome upload and very keen to get about building it?

Quiet Nerd says:

😀 Have a Wonderful Day :D!!!!!

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