Caine's Arcade

Caine's Arcade

I went to get my car fixed and met this 9 year old kid who built a cardboard arcade in his dad’s auto shop. / /

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A film by Nirvan Mullick





“Caine’s Arcade” Theme song by Juli Crockett:

Caine’s Arcade Theme Song on iTunes!


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brenku says:

awesome and sad

LazyContent says:

damn, he's a full-grown adult (18)

Noah Riley says:

All the people that disliked are probably really little mad kids that are jealous

TheRobloxian Life says:

6:06 there’s a cat😂

Brayden Minerd says:

This is so damn cool

Ricon Renzel says:

Nice that was so cool

Bwaah says:

“whos gonna show up” i mean, the cats there

Just Nerf Reviews says:

This kid is more advanced than the kid who found the new “planet”.

Lucas Cross says:

I wish I could have played
It I am 10 right now

call _me Barrel-_- says:

This is so cute

Reannababyyy Haha says:

he’s 16 now..

José Velasquez says:

I did a test on this video

Kaeden Lewis says:

I first saw this video when I was in grade 4 (7 years ago now, 2012-2013) and this was one of our class projects and that is still one of my fondest primary memories.
Thank you Caine

Mr Maafu says:

This man is able to build and entire arcade while im not able to put two lego bricks together.

Eric Sankey says:

Building: burns down.

Sniperfox306 Trent says:

He works all day but doesn’t worry about his life

Isaac De Los Santos says:

Caine: People said the Soccer game was easy

My head -He doesn’t have people to play it that was the whole point of this video.a

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