DIY Arcade Stick – Walnut & Epoxy Resin

DIY Arcade Stick – Walnut & Epoxy Resin

This was a late Christmas gift for a good friend and a very fun project.

This stick is running off of a Brook Universal Fighting Board which makes it compatible with just about anything that plays games.



Renz Del Rosario Gabriel says:

Dude I am literally a beginner without any ideas how to do this thing but Im planning to make one for my own. this vid is a big help for me! I hope you can give me tips 😁

OmnipotentPeaceMan says:

Nice stick.

The Otherside says:

I just started making my own one piece arcade sticks.

I'm going to learn a lot from you, I can tell… I literally want to be your best friend.

Mykel Hardin says:

Pretty dope. How much thinner could you have made it before you would have had clearance issues for the electronics? Also a few leds under that epoxy would rrally make it pop. Is it possible to go wireless with that board and throw a fat battery in there? If possible thats what I would do to give it alot of battery life and to add weight. I'm also not a hardcore fighting game person, I would be using it for mame.

travisfable says:

Can u make one for me wnd sell it to me on Ebay or something?

Refleton Akarsa says:

Çok başarılı tebrikler

Michael V says:

Wow this is great.

k58_gaming says:

Thanks for timelapsing this, it's great to see the whole process!

olieebur says:

Beautiful build. Please share this on fightsticks subreddit!

Gunfighter says:

"A late Christmas gift for a good friend." Goddamn I need to get me some friends like you

Kiko Martinez says:

Absolutely gorgeous

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