Hikig The Best "2 Player" Kit for Your Arcade Project ??

Hikig The Best "2 Player" Kit for Your Arcade Project ??

Hikig Arcade Joystick Kit from Amazon / Ali-Express.
Is this the solution for you Arcade1up building project ?

Where to buy ?

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imran rafique says:


The Guardian says:

hello, I've been following you for a while, and I'm passionate about retrogame, since I'm going to buy this kit on Amazon, but I wanted to know in your arcade what kind of emulation do you use? retropie-recalbox-pandora or pc? thank you so much
I hope you answer me
go on like this you are great

Invader TAK says:

I'm gonna put Sanwa parts in my Arcade1Up since I have quite a bit from doing arcade stick mods over the past 5 years or so. But for people who don't have arcade parts laying around, a kit like this should be fine.

MobileDecay says:

You mean two people can play with my joystick?! 🥰🥰🥰

dandude2010 says:

Nice i got the same kit from Amazon

Julio Fachetti says:

Can these buttons be used to replace the buttons on a Pandora's Box 7 ? If not, what are the best buttons I can get to replace those on a Pandora's Box 7?

jo jo says:

It would be really cool if the joystick's ball top also lit up. But that could also add more problems like it breaking because of the extra electronics.


COOL arcade stick very Japan-like…Like ® stuff.

AgentFSB says:

It seems to be great value for the money. You could have two full sets of joystick/buttons and USB encoders for the price of one from Sanwa.

I mean, if you absolutely HAVE to have Sanwa you can. If you want something cheaper that's still great value you have this. Thank you for the heads up. 😀

Stelios Gerochristodoulou says:

My dream is to build my own style arcade box

sylvainster30 says:

Very nice, i might swap my buttons with these lighted ones 👍🏼

juvi drive says:

Nice video Wicked.

Michael Adams says:

Awww little stickers. 😂

Jomari Plantar says:

Package from China!📦📦 📦 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳

Brayzar says:

I bought a similar kit but with green and yellow buttons as well as I wanted an 8 button layout. Great purchase, thanks for the video wicked!

Tashiro Sato says:

2 Player Kit is a good idea

Tashiro Sato says:

It's time for a package from China

Dragon Fighter777 says:

Very nice video to tune the arcades 😊👍

paul mcgrath says:

Nice kit. 🙂 im going to convert my pb cabinet to retro pie so i need the usb boards and wires but they are very cheap 🙂

Fake Bey Fan says:

Nice projek

Chicken Mac says:

Just got the same kit, working well so far.

meditable says:

excellent work 😀

Zocker Omi says:

Very nice 😊

Chris Barnes says:

Thanks for the review! I got an unlighted kit to make a USB joystick for my Super Retro Cade, but those lights are lovely. Would a kit like this fit in the Pandora Box console and where would the power tap in? I still think you need some bat tops for your joysticks, though.

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