How To: Build an Arcade Game – Building a DIY Arcade Cabinet | Full Sail University

How To: Build an Arcade Game – Building a DIY Arcade Cabinet | Full Sail University

In the final installment of the “How to Build an Arcade Game” series, the team visits the fabricator shop to check out how to build a custom arcade cabinet for their new game ‘Fury Strike’.

After finalizing how many buttons and joysticks would be required for the multi-player game, the team sent out their designs to a fabricator shop to build everything from the ground up. There, the builder suggested finding references of the type of cabinet they wanted to build and worked on customizing their design to make the arcade game mobile so it can be moved from room to room.

The builder used SketchUp software to test different designs and find which one would work best for the team’s goals and expectations. Panel by panel, the builder creates a mockup of the arcade game before measuring and printing the blueprints.

From there, it’s off to the workshop where the wood is cut from medium-density fiberboard. After every piece is cut with the correct measurements, the team assembles the piece using glue, staple guns, and nails. Finally, the eye-catching graphics are applied to bring everything together for an incredible finished product.

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deftreference says:

This looks really cool.

Full Sail University says:

Hey guys! We hope you enjoyed this video – are you ready to build your very own arcade?

dev deque says:

Sketchup is not open source 😀

Krimzon Star says:

I can’t wait to go to this college. I am currently a freshman and I am interested in business as well as game development. I also heard this college works hard as well so I can’t wait to attend this college. Does anyone have any good tips? It would be greatly appreciated.

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