LuSid Arcade Cabinet Build for MAME / Retropie

LuSid Arcade Cabinet Build for MAME / Retropie

NOTE: For those of you who have your tools and space set up, the cabinet build starts at about minute 4:40.

This video summarizes an arcade cabinet build based on LuSiD plans as constructed by my son and I over the course of two months. This was our first major woodworking project using power tools gifted or inherited over the years for this very project.

The original LuSiD plans were modified to use only two pieces of plywood rather than the suggested three pieces. ( )

This summary includes details on using a computer monitor mount to create a rotating display (minute 15:45) giving you the ability to select different aspect ratios for specific games.

We spent a lot of time researching vendors and quality parts for this build, so a link to my spreadsheet summarizing parts in the following link under “Spreadsheet for LuSid cabinet”:



L- Wook says:

$1700 seems like a lot of money. Did you go with a super high end monitor etc?

Steve Pires says:

Love the vid. I like how you narrowed the original. Do you have the modded plans? Trying to build my own and want to mimic yours.

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