Massive arcade build, from start to finish, 42" screen, 4 player

Massive arcade build, from start to finish, 42" screen, 4 player

Lonnnnng video, so i decided to document my 4 player build with a 42″ screen, led buttons, pinball etc etc. skip to the end for instructions on the interface and how to make games run properly



Robert Zucal says:

Where do you get the hinges to support the marquee plexi?

Steven M says:

hey do you know how i could make the control panel the most efficient for running a 8tb hyper spin hard drive. as in like how could i make it so i can run the most games

Marcus hudson says:

What size and type of router bit do you use.

Harrison Reeves says:

Some of these losers didn't watch the whole thing

Kurt Pedersen says:

Nice not to have the annoying music running in the background as most youtubers have.

Terminator T-800 says:

I love sitting here watching you build this. Great video, great skills. Top man

Quagmire says:

Really awesome

Jonathan Mayer says:

Can you please have something to setting up MAME properly? I never knew about the different CPU settings or whatever. I love fighting games and have trouble with getting most running well.

mdmeyers1982 says:

hell yea this was inspiring… I built my 4 player control set up 2 months ago and kind of ran out of steam.. going to get my ass out into the garage and finish the cab this weekend. I was over-thinking a bunch of stuff but after watching this long ass video, I got it. Appreciate the upload! Cheers.

Dead Like me says:

How many games? Also you sell in Canada?

K Z says:

You selling these how do i buy one?

Miguel Angel MG says:

too large to play pinballs… the joystick box, maybe, will be better semi circular on top instead squared, and then, in some point underneath of the top semicircle, build a smaller square for the pinball's buttons…

Phil Gali says:

Hey from reddit

xhiltonx says:

Also how much are these well your 32inch

xhiltonx says:

What does your router bit look like to trace the cut outs id like to do the same so im not doing it twice 🙂

effyou128 says:

cant sell roms or systems with roms with no licences!

Chris Russell says:

what version of mame is that?

rooster8808 says:

Nice job!! Would love the blueprints for this. Would u be able to sent them to me. Jimmyflowers38@yahoo

ERD Epoch says:

Sorry for all the questions… I noted the spray mix you used. Could you roll this on if you did not have an area where you could setup for spraying. The mix with the glue etc. Sorry trying to gather all info as I can. Thinking of building one for my nephews.

Charles Leopizzo says:

Abs, do you sell your mame builds by any chance? I just binged watched your videos, and then decided to build a table top, with the WORST tools ever, like SUPER Bad, but so far the build is coming out cool. Thanks for the videos, and I hope you will continue to post.

We Build Stuff says:

Savage free hand cuts 9:00
Terrified to try that myself lol

Pilot Vehdrehl says:

That console menu is HOT!

Lou Valerio says:

Awesome build mate, love your attitude. I would love to have plans for this I'd definitely make the video and put your name out there on Instagram. Keep up the good work👊

Garry Moulday says:

Hi, I have watched a few of your cabinet builds and love how simple you make it look. You have also said you will put plans up to help use as a guide. I can’t find these anywhere, are you able to let me know where to find them please? Thanks in advance Garry

Minnesota paranormal says:

U sell plans

Noiselab Project says:

`stretched` 4:3 ratio ? no thanks

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