My Ultimate DIY Racing SIM racing arcade.

My Ultimate DIY Racing SIM racing arcade.

Here is a video of the DIY racing sim arcade I made from a sega GT cab. Painted and installed many devices into the arcade to make the ultimate racer.

Some of the Enhancements include a E36 BMW Gauge Cluster controlled by arduino. An Elgato Stream Deck for a button board with changable LCD buttons. and a Strech Bar LCD for Marquee display. Also a port on the front for a VR Headset.



Marcho Arcade says:

wow m8 super cool set up , currently building a ps3 sim arcade might have to use a pc in the end wow

Ben Rind says:

Did you get the arcade base used or did you buy new from somewhere?

Joel Benet says:

The arcade software, it's made by you, or it's an open source software/OS/mod ?

Patrick Vick says:

Fantastic work!

Mark J. Kim says:

Damn.. you are good.

Wardiz says:

Does the force feedback work on outrun 2006?

Ramon Quiles says:

dude! Awesome set up!!

zeek says:

That's awesome. Really wanted to see the nascar game on all 3 screens tho

Fulvio Leo Cabrera says:

Show off. It's bad ass

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