Raspberry pi 2 Arcade Project

Raspberry pi 2 Arcade Project

Real size arcade machine for two players I made using a Raspberry pi 2 with emulation station and retropie. I know it has been done several times but here is my take on it.
It uses two controllers and the driver can be downloaded from: https://github.com/digitalLumberjack/mk_arcade_joystick_rpi
Excellent driver for two players. Each player has 6 buttons as well as a 4 directional joystick (although I´m planning to add 4 extra buttons for mame games). In that link you´ll find how to connect the buttons and joysticks directly to the pi, which is rather convenient since you don´t have to buy any kind of external serial adapters.

Guide on how to install emulationstation and retropie:

Paint: Alquidilic paint blue color
Size: 170x47x40 cm.
Music by Eric Skiff

What I used:
Raspberry pi 2 with 8 Gb micro sd card.
MDF wood.
2 four directional joysticks
12 arcade buttons
1 pair of speakers
1 monitor 19´´
1 hd to vga converter

Cost of the project: 200 dollars (although here in Mexico the components are kinda expensive, I´m sure you can get better prices in the US or anywhere else).



Brisa Gamer says:

hey dude !! my question is : can i Put 6 botons + drectional for 2 players + coin ? with 1 raspbarry 2 ? can i put a usb control together ? thank you

Petros Petr says:

Nice but dont you guys had any measuring tape???
Should measure something before cutting it 🙂

Derek Bamford says:

Not bad, though P1 joystick seems a bit far left.

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