❣DIY Outdoor Stump House Using Jars and Cement❣

❣DIY Outdoor Stump House Using Jars and Cement❣

Hi, in this video I show you how you can make an outdoor stump house using some of your old jars. I received a lot of comments about asking for a material that can go outside. So here it is. My first fairy house that could be exposed to elements. This isn’t a follow along project, because you might not have these exact jars laying around, but it’s a proof of concept, something to get you started with your own jars and bottles.

The way I always start such a project is by selecting a few jars and play with them until I have an idea of what I want to create. This stump house required two jars. I wanted to make something in the stile of a hobbit house but with roots and lots of texture. I glued the jars together using hot glue. I know hot glue doesn’t bind them together but it will hold them enough time for me to finish with the first layer of cement. I created some volume for the roots and the tree bark using tin foil. I also added some mushroom here and there on the tree bark. They don’t need to be perfect as we will cover them in cement. Next step is of course adding the first layer of cement. For this layer I made a softer batch of cement so I can apply it using a brush. When adding this first layer you must decide where the windows will be and cut them out while the cement is still wet. Don’t try to finish the whole house in one go because you will end up with dripping cement, irregular shapes and bumps all over the surface and those will need more time to fix. Just cover the whole surface, cut out the windows and smooth the surface as good as you can. When the cement hardens it’s time to make the details. I added a second layer of cement, this time a harder one so I can sculpt the texture all around, the door, the mushrooms and some rocks at the bottom of the house. For the coloring part I used acrylics. I started with the base colors first, brown for the tree, red for the door and mushrooms, green for the moss and grey for the rocks. Then I brushed some light colors on the textured surface and darker colors for the cracks and shadows. That’s basically it. The stump house can be used as storage compartment for keys, and at the bottom you can easily add lights and make it a night lamp. Have fun with this and I would like to see more of your creations! So if you don’t know by now, I have a Facebook group called “Creative Mom Club” where you can share your creations with over 15.000 creative people. If you have ever wondered if people actually make stuff they see on my channel, there is your answer. So come join my group to share your creations and get inspired. I’ll see you there!
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Tools & Materials:
Cement Based Tile Adhesive
Tin foil – http://amzn.to/2sOcY7K
Acrylic paint – http://amzn.to/2s8KaIZ
Lights – http://amzn.to/2t1oRqQ
Hot glue gun – http://amzn.to/2sO7EkF
Fruit carving knife – http://amzn.to/2seNzqP
Music – Just Stay by Aakash Gandhi
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Hi, you have magic pouring out of your fingers keep it going

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You’re artwork is truly amazing, you are so talented 💜

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This is great! I've got a box of jars saved, toilet paper tubes, cereal boxes etc. Soon, very soon I will be able to do my first fairy light! I'm going to see if I can figure out how to do the outdoor one with a solar light for my mom's back yard!

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Magnifique 😍

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I cannot describe how big a fan I am of your work and artistical skills. It's magic happening right in front of my eyes. Love love love!! 😍

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Beautiful work 👍🏼

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