BACKYARD FENCE RENOVATION! The Backyard Dog Run Project!

BACKYARD FENCE RENOVATION! The Backyard Dog Run Project!

Our fence guy finished up the fence and backyard dog run and we started on getting the dog run project complete! Come hang out with us as we enjoy some nice weather, get some yard work done, and of course for some cute footage of the girls!



FAQ ⤵︎

WHY DID WE START VLOGGING? Our unexpected viral wedding video pushed us to start posting videos more! Arianna started with cover songs and after doing the Husband Tag with Ryan, we were asked to vlog. So we decided to try it and we LOVE it 4 years later. We now post 5 vlogs a week Monday-Friday.

ARIANNA HAD A SERVICE DOG? Arianna had a service dog for 7 years. Levi has now since passed away. Arianna has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from her child and teen years. Greyson (Grey) is her service dog in training.

CHANNEL NAME CHANGE? Formerly we were ThePflederers then ThePfledPfam. We are forever now, It’s Us. It’s easier to remember, easier to say, and easier to spell. We feel it truly depicts our channel as well. It’s us who are the change in the world. It’s us who have control over our story. Authentic vlogs is what we strive for while also showing you guys that it is okay to dream and go against the norm and reach for something bigger.

WHY DID WE MOVE STATES? We used to live in Illinois and moved to North Carolina in September of 2017. Ryan found a job opportunity and we decided to move to NC!


Ryan / ry∙in
Arianna / are∙ee∙ah∙nuh
Revelynne / reh∙vuh∙lynn
Aerilee / air∙uh∙lee
Pflederer / fleh∙dur
Levi / lee∙vye (passed away)
Daisy / day∙zee
Callie / cal∙ee
Greyson / grey∙son


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Denver COder says:

They have these things that you drill a hole into the top of your plastic trash cans and they catch flies.

Beth Wood says:

It's looking awesome guys and I know the dogs love it

Cindy Beasterfeld says:

Loved the hugs from the girls❤💚💜💙💛 Yay on getting your fence and dog run finished. I'm sure that gives you all more settled finally. Grey is looking adorable and content and fits right into your family well. Love to all💛💙💜💚❤

Teresa Ann says:

Loved this vlog you guys looks so happy I’m happy for you! Fence looks so nice. Aerie is really growing up …I can tell Rev is teaching her so much! 😍

Corinna Fitch says:

Ziplock bag with a penny – helps with flys and mosquitos. Hang it up outside 🙂

Lauren Ryan says:

the girls are so cute!

Sheena Aikins says:

Thanks for the hugs Rev & Aerie 🙂

Julie Williams says:

Thanks for the hugs.. Made me smile.. Love the back yard. Looks great!

Viviana Cora says:

Everyone is excited the fence is up. Love it

Becca says:

Nice fence!! I live in WI and they're sooo weird about fences out here lol.
I know your mom trains service dogs, does she work with an organization? I'm trying to get a service dog through a charity and I was thinking of other options if I don't get accepted..

Lesley says:

Those wooden puzzles in a box are neat!!! Where did you get them ?? Back yard looks amazing 😉

Elizabeth Dindal says:

Thank you so much for the hugs! Hugs back to them! Looking great!

Yvette Piercy says:

Your backyard looks great, I dont know how you coped without a fenced in backyard as it makes life with dogs much easier!
The flies in our summer just finished were horrendous compared to other years, soon as you have that heat especially after rain they go nuts. I know ive seen that planting certain herbs helps but I've yet to try because mine are all hiding in pots in my conservatory currently as we will be moving soon.
We are a lil jealous of your weather though, my dogs are currently hiding in the lounge enjoying their cows ears instead of outside enjoying a bone as its wet, windy, and very very cold!

Service Dog In Training Chopper says:

I have a picture of a bright double rainbow after hurricane Irma came through here in Orlando. I should post it to my Instagram if I havent.

shauna chatham says:

The flies are from the wet ground. Grass will cut down the flies. Also dog pee and pooh will cause more as well

The Jackson Hive says:

Arie is getting SO much more grown up lately!

Laci Trach says:

Love the backyard!really cute!

MommaWolfOf2 says:

Awe those two are just to cute love them

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