Backyard Hockey Rink Project | Getting Ready for a rink!

Backyard Hockey Rink Project | Getting Ready for a rink!

In this video, we’ll go through the initial steps to building a backyard hockey rink into a hill. Building a hockey rink is a very doable project, especially if you have a somewhat flat backyard. Building a rink into a slope takes more prep work, but is certainly doable. In the next video, we’ll be putting up the boards, adding a liner, and filling with water. We’ll be using products from our sponsor Nicerink. Check out their channel for helpful tutorials and to learn how to build your own rink! – Check out their Youtube Channel For great tutorials as well!…

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1627 W Main Street Suite 182
Bozeman, Montana 59715



Makerviews by Scott Mathson says:

Excited to follow along this journey – looks great thus far Pete!

Catherine Verreault says:


Michael Mack says:

Rink is going to be a blast. Where did you get those window doors and what kind are they? Beautiful!!

Daniel Gilbert says:

Wow! Awesome property and home. That view is amazing. Love all of your projects.

Dan Conlan says:

As usual great video and man, that view. Makes me want to move to Montana!

Trotabakk says:

What a great project for the back yard. Love the Norwegian cap by the way! 😉👍🏻🇳🇴

Barry Roberts says:

Hi Pete, i had to laugh a bit at the start of this video, when you were saying about how you are going to be building an ice rink in your back yard ha ha ha that's one hell of a view to have in your back yard. Have a good skate for me Pete.
Barry (ENG)

rich hubert says:

Gezz Pete you go big when you do something! Love the wood stove very beautiful. Was wondering how you plan on flooding the rink every night? You building your own zamboni? Lol all the best and hope you had a great turkey day!

James Pellosma says:

My dad used to build a rink in our backyard every year.

Michael Leddick says:

Great view there in Montana. Savannah, GA is beautiful but I would love to see the mountains everyday! The rink is coming along awesome. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Sideburnchef says:

So, /so/ jealous. Here in the Holland lands we're lucky if it drops below freezing without there being tons and tons of (really cold) rain. 🙂

fuffalobucker says:

The rink is cool, but opening up your wall like that for the view definitely added value to your house. I have friends who made it "home" this week to our old stomping ground of Livingston. The were sharing pictures of the frost on Livingston Peak and the Sleeping Giant. As pretty as I always thought it was, it's not as cool as the snowy mountains from your livingroom. Well done! Happy Thanksgiving!

PS — Good to see you using a Bobcat. Had you used a Grizzly, it would have let you down. =)

Jason Parsons says:

Wow what a property! Building a rink this year to but not that size. 🙁 looking forward to the progress.

crush my hopes with your ass says:

Great vid as always! Keep up the excellent work!
That window project looks nice too

James Davies says:

Pete. That new view is incredible. Try reaching out to Alec Steele. He's just moved from the UK to Montana . Keep going.

Leeor Engelstein says:

Are you gonna colab with alec Steele? He is a blacksmith youtuber that just moved to MT from the UK

Asgard Studios says:

What a view! Wow. Great project.

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