Build this budget-friendly outdoor bench using 2x4s. Fun & easy weekend woodworking project!

Build this budget-friendly outdoor bench using 2x4s. Fun & easy weekend woodworking project!

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MetalChick27 says:

i swear my dad has this exact bench in our yard, except we use it to hold potted plants.

Ed Straub says:

my wife calls me perfect, yep! She says that I'm, "the perfect example of imperfection." She says she knows how to have perfection in woodworking, "she buys it already made from the store.
Hi Ed, Good job, mmmmm? What's this guys name anyway? No I didn't say his name was anyway.
Have a great woodworking day, and no clowning in the shop, it's dangerous.

lma business says:

Hello Steve can you please make simple projects for people the want to star working with wood

Kyle Nokes says:

I'd like to know more measurements. Like how long are the seat board? and how much did you space them?

john ortega says:

Steve, I really like this project, I will modify it to make bonsai stands. Again, thanks a bunch. John

Andy Truong says:

Hi I'm a complete beginner at woodworking and I'm doing this for an eagle project.

Some things that are not clear to me are:

1. what type of wood to use
2. how long the deck screws need to be and as well as, how many
3. how pocket screws work.
4. and how much paint do i need?

It would be really nice if you could also give me some tips ๐Ÿ™‚

Tony Green says:

simple, easy and useful, nica Job รญ Will build one of those myself

Victor Wichan says:

great video!!! Congratulations from Brazil

wdfortyplus says:

I love the fact you painted your bench purple! Good to see a guy choosing a 'different' colour for a change. Cool!

malcolm oxley says:

Hi Steve,I have just made a garden bench and a I live in rainy england I was wondering if you have a method for stopping the legs from rotting away,the bench is soft wood cheers malc

SarahMyK9 says:

I'm new to woodworking and just purchased a used table saw. I'm curious. Is there a reason you choose to use a miter saw to cut the wood over a table saw? Would there be any difference if I cut the wood using a table saw? Thanks. Going to try to make this project thanks to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

peachez an Cream says:

whats the name of the color? I need to have it..

Abhay Choudhary says:

The word is that Hyezmar (google him) is going to change his mind and sell his plans, but as of today thereโ€™s still available to download, youโ€™re welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

Stewart says:

if i were to make it and sell it what would be a good price.

Asmaa Ulfi says:

is that a pine wood?

Joseph Bernal says:

What kind of paint did you use?

SkittlesNinja1000 says:

Ducks equal subscribers

POTDAD Smackfad says:

Make a Box, and paint it purple

Nebur Nynhs says:

what hand saws did you use at around 2:36?

Smokie1969 says:

Hi Steve, how can you make this if you dont have the pocket jig tool? Cheers, love your work! ๐Ÿ™‚

King Uno says:

i really appreciate when they show the error process rather than delete it. we'll do some errors when making stuffs so it can help us how to fix it. good!

Yousif Eid says:

do u have web site ? cuz I am biggenr I need all sizes

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