Building a Tiny House with April Wilkerson in 7 Days

Building a Tiny House with April Wilkerson in 7 Days

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My best friend April Wilkerson and I built the outer shell of a Tiny House in the woods in just SEVEN DAYS with only a few battery operated tools. We carried everything into the forest by hand and built this 8×16 design we came up with ourselves.

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April Wilkerson says:

This is so great. Makes me super happy watching the video and remembering how much fun we had. : D Love you Annie. You're the coolest best friend I could hop for.

Benji Franks says:

How much. Did the wood and stuff coust to build this not labour trying to decide if i want to build something like this vs doi g a shipping container tiny house

Noemi Sanchez says:

You guys make it look so easy
But iknow it's hardwork
Very impressive love the friendship

Galina Dineva says:

cool project. Can I ask you, how much the materials and all cost to make the tiny house?

dbase340 dbase340 says:

"Offsetting materials" does that mean free or?

Char Bandraoi says:

A tiny home is my dream… and a friendship like this is also my dream…

Gerson de Paula says:


Thomas Tieffenbacher/DocSavage45 says:

Great Job Anne, hey now you can become a contractor too. LOL!

Flemming Tønnesen says:

What about plumbing and power? And there is nothing inside

Jamie Wheeler says:

this is so awesome its on my life list to build a tiny house, ive never built anything bigger then a book shelf, it be really awesome as im obsessed with tiny homes and making things 🙂 great job

Charla Andestaputri says:

Wonder woman 🌼

Triya A says:

it's cool when girls do woodworking!! hope i can learn something like this. but nowhere here.

Adrien Adriano Mesdon Kovak says:

bravo les filles du bon boulot et très belle réalisation . merci pour la vidéo

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