Building an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar | DIY Chin-Up Bar

Building an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar | DIY Chin-Up Bar

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This DIY Freestanding Outdoor Pull-Bar is made out of 2x6s and 2x4s with a 4-foot long 3/4″ steel pipe for the pull up bar. This is an easy DIY fitness project that only requires a circular saw and drill to make.
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HomeMadeModern says:

We have done a few DIY fitness equipment projects. here is a playlist with them:

xavier saenz says:

Great as usual !!! who is the guy at 3:25 ? Mike?

Aaron Castellanos says:

so no more boston loft?

Dan The Maker Man says:

💪 Props for knocking out 10 pull ups.

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Nice job! I'm curious to see how this paint holds up outside. If you're anything like me, when I have something readily available, I'm not likely to use it…and that includes exercise.

davebauerart says:

I like the layered 2×4 to build the strong base, great simple solution.

Brian Prusa says:

Gettin swole!

ابو انس says:

روعة بعد اذنك

انفجار دسك جهاز قطع الحديد Angle grinder disk explodes

Coffee Dude says:

White bar to hide the chalk marks? Nice. You could try and train all the Garys to do muscle ups ey

JT Woodworks says:

Great work Ben!!

Christofix says:

Nice! easy to build. Thanks for this video!

HippoandBear Makes says:

Great video! Looking forward to seeing the pull-up off!

Onur Imren says:

Bicycle handlebar wraps could be a nice upgrade.

Fred McIntyre says:


Marc Tolchin says:

I would wrap the bar with athletic tape. The paint on on the bar during high rep sets or when slick will become slippery and possibly cause your hands to rip. Grip tape or padded horse stall tape would help address the issue.

Alexander Ivanov says:

Hey man this turned out great but I thought it will be on your deck in your loft place. This backyard looks huge – a place to be filled with lots of projects

Raynola Dominguez says:

You know, every time I see a new video from HomeMadeModern my soul does a little happy dance. Good project and you are not older, I am, but I make up for it by being really immature.

Andrew Ethridge says:

Great build! Would also be great in apartments too when landlord's don't want holes in the walls.

Mc Matchstick says:

Nowadays, being first comment is most likeable ,and most important thing.

Crafter Maker says:

Lol, because bros also need their DIY fix 😆.
But seriously cool simple build. 😉

Ben Lee says:

( 👀 )
💪| |👍

Lugoto says:

I love the gym creations, I want to make my own home gym with this videos

salmonline says:

This is cool.
How about a heavy bag frame for outdoors.

Gustavo Gusmão says:

Where do you live?

Danny Kurniawan says:

How to make push ups indoor?

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