Cinder Block Bench

Cinder Block Bench

A cheap and easy way to build a outdoor bench using cinder blocks and wood. For a full list of materials used and some important tips, click the link below:

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Logan Smith says:

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Treyzilla says:

Bro what are the odds I was looking up cinder block bench and I know the guy? What's up man how you been!

David Robinson says:

Wow, thats awesome , i'm in the UK and definitely will be making one of these….great job dude

Rebecah Clifton says:

Well done, great project. Thank you!

Houda Nid says:


Connie Garcia says:

Love your videos! Thanks

Patricia Sias says:

I am definitely doing this!

annette joseph says:

what is the weight compacticy

Jeffrey V says:


Cindy Mosteller says:

Thinking of making this. It looks awesome, great job. Quick question though. My husband says that critters sand spiders will make nest in the openings of the blocks. Do you see this being an issue?

Shenika Daniel says:

Did you sand in between spar urethane coats, if so, what hand sander did you use for this?

Fabiana Lopes says:

vou fazer um desse adorei

Fatima Oliveira says:

ola quantos blocos

Kostas Georgiu says:

hot guy and creative!

Givaldo Vieira de Sousa says:


FIBBI Cartagean says:

great job!!!

Janiesha Hill says:

I am looking forward to trying this piece in my backyard. You did an amazing job! It looks great! What type of bonding glue did you use?

Sindhu Rajaramji says:

Brilliant idea 🙂 looks lovely!! By the way is this place Mariani square ? :))

Tim Hills says:

Looking at doing something like this. What were the dimensions of the wood that you used?

HappyEarthling VLOGS says:

So simple freaking awesome.

Jeanette Mcknight says:

What is the measurements for this project?

Andrea Aralica says:

Wow 🙂 I just search for ideas for small balcony in the city…but, think this will be very useful.
I planned to build a fence (for some privacy feeling 🙂 )from wood and didn't know which furniture to make. I have some pallets to use, but this idea seems some much better.
Thanks for your video, I'll also film my balcony renovation, so be free to watch 🙂 🙂

Robert Byerly says:

It really looks like a professional bench you bought. The grey color is universal to ANY patio or deck.

Julia Miller says:

effective tutorial, good demo. thank you

DelphEtJ P says:

The last block is bad oriented at first ;)). I've ever seen such a bench but your realisation is quite good. great job. Thanks.

Jason Jensen says:

What was the total cost of this project?

Silvia Anacleto says:

Amazing work 🙂

HM L says:

I just completed this project and would like to suggest the following tips:      1)  1 row of the blocks that form the base of the bench should be half (4 in. wide) blocks.  This will make the bench equal to standard chair height.  A base with a height of 3 regular blocks won't allow the average person (especially shorter people) to be able to comfortably rest their feet on the ground.      2) The blocks that form the backrest should have the flat side meet the base, so that more surface area with adhesive can bond the backrest to the base.       3)  Adhesive definitely works, provided you use the right one.  I use Sika landscaping block adhesive and the bond is super strong.  However, if you are still weary of safety, you can use 4" c-clamps to reinforce the joint between the backrest and bench.      4) Three 4x4s are enough for the seating (5 total).  The 4th one for the seating isn't really necessary unless you plan to use cushions for the backrest (to keep the pillows from falling through).      5) Use the best side of the lumber for the surfaces of the bench.  Sides with splinters will slowly tear up your cushions.

suzanne aji says:

Good job ☺☺☺☺

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