Circular seating and fire pit construction with block & composite

Circular seating and fire pit construction with block & composite

Step by step guide of how I built my circular fire pit. Seating more than 16 people comfortably, this fire pit is constructed from a breeze block frame with a composite deck for the seats and seat backs. I hope this gives you some ideas for your project!



OhMyGulay says:

Yikes the second water gets into that rubble and a few freeze/thaw cycles happen your chairs are all going to crack.

Chapin 416 says:

excelent work .. love it..

Lew Farnsworth says:

Impressed! Looks awesome

Oz says:

Inspiring. Very nicely done.

dave patterson says:

Well done, and the music brings back memories of the movie 2001.

Mc Key says:

Brilliant.. great music too.

Marcel Krause says:

It looks fantastic. Really nice job.

The only thing I would improve is that your slab doesn't have mesh or rebar and its not tied to the existing slab with rebar dowels. You might (I hope not) find that over time the new part settles a bit relative to the old pad. Also, such big thick heavy slab is prone to cracking without re-inforcement from mesh. It is never a mistake to put wire mesh or rebar into a slab – thats what keeps it from cracking.

Alana Weaver says:

Who cares you’re not professional you did the damn thing! I’m proud of you! πŸ‘πŸ»

Gary Bell says:

Very impressive. You have done a wonderful job.

Ricky Roberts says:

Is concrete fireproof?

Brett Wood says:

I would suggest tying in your old slab to the existing ,Also putting in mesh. I would also suggest digging down for a greater foundation due to the very sandy loam soil you have. You will have big problems with the weight of the entire project and cracking in the near future. Nice job however

Dat Tepo says:

Pretty fucking pimp looks great

Kerry Clark says:

What about the ugly fence?

Lou Robin says:


No Filler Words Productions says:

Awesome work. Hopefully you painted that back fence too.

J J says:

Very nice great job!!!

Project Rel says:

Absolutely Excellent build!!!

Amtb70x7 Anunkwn says:

MAGNIFICENT! Most Excellent work Sir. This needs to be promoted to DIY/GARDEN Magazines.
Outstanding craftsmanship Sir. Keep Up the Great Work.

(( and dont forget the Marshmellons πŸ˜‰ ))

juanthestabber says:

2x speed helps a ton!

brushrescue1701 says:

Bugga hell ……awesome πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ”πŸ»πŸΉπŸΊ

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