DIY Backyard Patio on a Budget (Football Patio)

DIY Backyard Patio on a Budget (Football Patio)

Here is our finished DIY outdoor patio on a budget, just in time for football season. We wanted to share how a trip to Lowes took a corner of the yard and turned it into a fun hideout for outdoor football parties. We still have room for our raised bed gardens and grill!

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Peter M. Eggers says:

Major heat sink is your heater for the water. Get a coil of soft copper tube and make an extension to the sides of your fire pit in coils. Might need to have some sort of vertical clamps to hold the coils securely in place and sit snuggly on top of your fireplace. Or, a circle of sheet metal that sits nicely on your fireplace and attach the copper coils to the inside of that. Spray with high-temp black paint, attach fittings to the coil and plumb into the water pump of the hot tub, and you are good to go. Make the coil easy to remove as it won't take too long to overheat your hot tub, and make sure you don't build a big fire when you are heating water as the output could easily hit 220F and many plastics will begin to melt besides the scalding hazard. You might only want a single coil with high flow rate for ease of construction and minimum chance to overheat the water.

Another idea is to use some black plastic 1/2 inch drip tube laid on a south or southwest facing roof plumbed into the hot tub pump to move some of that high summer heat off of your roof and into the hot tub. Might even lower your air conditioning bill a bit.

Robert Ahlholm says:

bow season starts on saturday in New Jersey, no time for colledge ball

Robert Ahlholm says:

nice work team-Enjoy

Matt says:

Was very surprised when you said Southern Miss fan. SMTTT

Richard Swails says:

Check out Trip Smith vids. We are having a canoe/kayak adventure weekend…with trips available to several nice rivers/millpond/Econfina….If you want to go…sign up…it is $50 a person. Would love to see you guys there. Camping at Florida Caverns State Park…part of the pacjage.

Charles Helton says:

What is the name of the song you've been using in tothe videos?

Meagan Wolfe says:

Go Clemson Tigers!!!!! C-L-E-M-S-O-N T-I-G-E-RRRRR-S!!! Fight Tigers! Fight Tigers! Fight! Fight! Fight! ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm on the same page as Samantha when it comes to teams!

keith furman says:

How bout those Tiger!!๐Ÿ˜Ž

Danny Hague says:

Awesome make over.. Enjoy that hot tub.. Boomer Sooner here…

Drake Burdette says:

Simple life!! That's what's it's all about. Cool video! Love how excited you guys are.

Terry Smith says:

We are in countdown mode

Rome Branson says:

You got to get a mini fridge out there

Felix Garza says:

So cool, I can see the savings in the long run.. I have a game room thatโ€™s our football headquarters… Hook em horns

OutdoorOriginal says:

Love it. Thanks for sharing sir.

Reeltime kb says:

Looks cool but i must say GO Dawgs!!

Fentertainment says:

Not gonna lie this is a cool space……Other than all that clemson stuff!

Brian Morales says:

I am coming over I will bring beer. Lol hook em horns.

Marty Adair says:

That's a pretty awesome little spot! Needs a Razorback on that fence!

Blessed Beardsman says:

You need a Miami Hurricanes Sign up on there! Go Canes. It's all about the U!!!

The Space Coast Life says:

I have this salu- spa and I love it! Very easy to take care of and very durable!

BERTRAND850 says:

Great video man!

William Welsh says:

The season is getting ready !!!!! Sweet set up it's definitely mo better at the crib than the bar. ROLL TIDE!!

Justin Rigdon says:

Clemson is just Auburn with a lake.

Victor Principe says:

ROLL TIDE, ROLL! AL-BURN SUCKS. My tunge wont say the name of that school. And my fingers know better than to type that name.

Kenni-411 says:

you guys finally move in together ? nice !

BurnyYak Fishing says:

Looks good! What editing software do you use?

Chitrod says:

Where's the TV going?

Jason Ng says:

Roll tide, brother. You've just about convinced me to get one of those hot tubs too, but I'm trying to figure out how long it'll last. Why did you have to buy another one? What happened to the first one?

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