DIY Backyard Pond Build Part 3 | Rocking The Pond

DIY Backyard Pond Build Part 3 | Rocking The Pond

This video goes through all the steps that were involved in rocking the 11′ X 7′ X 2′ backyard fish pond. Thanks for watching!

Watch Part 1 | Digging The Pond:

Watch Part 2 | Installing The Underlayment & Pond Liner:



Sue Fisher says:

What area of the states are you in

Gary Sebastian says:

Looking nice.

Charles Herrera says:

Awesome job!!

Cathy West says:

Thank you for this video! I have a half dug pond in the backyard, that needs to be finished. This video showing the laying of the rocks was very helpful, especially the note to use a metal wheelbarrow!

Terence McClammy says:

Sweet project.

taosaga says:

Man, I've waited like a year for this video! Pond looking very good, love your videos.

Diane D says:

Thank you so much!!!!! Great instructions, I'm going to start my pond next week. Can't wait;)

Coarsegold Guy says:

You've got plenty of worms… now you just need a fishing pole! 🐟

Melody Capehart Medina says:

What a nice job on the pond! Looking forward to seeing it with plants.

aytothakay says:

Really excited to see how this turns out! 👌

Tony A TGong says:

Looking great! It makes me want to do one . Your Kale seed is coming up good ! Thanks again for sharing.

Lacey's place says:

Your pond is looking AWESOME ! Great job

Robyn Michelle says:

Nice I really want to do this. Did you consider using natural clay foundation and cement? Why did you choose the pond liner vs any other method of building a pond? If this info is in your previous videos Ill make time to go back and watch! Thanks! Love your channel.

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