DIY Modern Concrete Planter || How to Make with Limited Tools

DIY Modern Concrete Planter || How to Make with Limited Tools

This video shows how to make a DIY modern outdoor concrete planter with limited tools. I’m putting this concrete planter on my deck. It is a great outdoor project that can add a touch of color and plants or flowers to any deck, yard, or other outdoor setting. I designed this outdoor DIY concrete planter so it can be made with only a circular saw, drill, and sander (and of course the usual small things that are needed for mixing concrete and assembling a melamine form). A miter saw is nice, but not required. For this DIY concrete project, I made a melamine form with an inner and outer form, and used a GFRC concrete mix. I used PVC trim to create channels wrapping around 3 sides of the planter After pouring the concrete for the body of the planter, I came back and used red, orange, and yellow pigment in the GFRC mix to fill the channels with a gradient of pigmented concrete.


Prize: A maker kit including a cordless circular saw, drill, and sander from Hikoki / Metabo HPT (these tools are from the former Hitachi, which now goes by Metabo HPT in North America, and Hikoki everywhere else).

Contest Details: Go to my post on the @hikokiuk Instagram account: On the post, tag a friend and comment, and use the hashtag #MakerGiveaway. The contest is open worldwide.

You can enter up to 3 times by doing the same on the posts for Chris and Keith’s projects (also on the Hikoki Intstagram account). Terms and conditions apply and are available via Hikoki’s Instagram account.

Thanks much to Hikoki for supporting my channel and the maker community as a whole!


Chris Salomone’s Modern Shelving Unit:

Rag n’ Bone Brown’s Cat Bed Cabinet:


Multivolt 36V Circular Saw:
Multivolt 36V Cordless Miter Saw:
Multivolt 36V Hammer Drill:
Random Orbit Sander:


Modustrial Maker Instagram: @modustrialmaker –


o PVC trim:
o GFRC Concrete Mix:
o 1.5 Bag of AR Glass Fibers:
o Cake Fondant Tool for perfect edges:
o Helical Mixing Padde:
o Concrete mixer:
o Colored concrete pigments:
o blue pigment #2 (small quantity):
o concrete sealer:
o Black 100% Silicone Caulk:
o Paste Finishing Wax:
o GFRC Recipes (w/ product links):

This video is sponsored by Hikoki Tools.



garagemonkeysan says:

Great video. Love the title card animations. I'm surprised you didn't use crayons as accent colors. : ) Mahalo! btw-That Hikoki miter saw looks like it has great dust collection.

Jonny Builds says:

The color you achieved in the concrete is insane! I never knew it could be so vivd. Well done Mike!

TheKamiBunny says:

I made something similar recently and in the inner form I used styrofoam(insulation) wrapped in cling film. How did I stop it from floating up? I glued it to the base and placed concrete rounds(for pads for the planter base as well as drainage holes through the centre) and pushed it down from above. Then the same process as you did. The foam inner form was super easy to remove as it had some flex to it.

Also from a gardening point of view I think something like a curry plant(Helichrysum italicum), short rosemary, thyme for upright plants would be lovely for a planter that size and give good balance with its height.

For trailing type plants Begonias would be nice.

Johnny West says:

That planter's the perfect size for a few kitchen herbs. Thyme, basil and parsley would make a good combo Maybe make another for some chives and rosemary.
Overall I love the planter, but the stand could use a door and shelf under it and, although it's ceder, I'd still put a good finish on it.

Quick question. What do you do with the slurry and waste from the concrete? I'd like to start out with a few small projects like this, but don't know how to get rid of the waste.

Bevelish Creations says:

Awesome project, Mike! I’ll definitely be referencing back to this video when I use GFRC

djs says:

Another awesome project and video, looks really great mate, I'm a passionate gardener as well as my love for all things lighting related, this would look great in any garden and of course you can colour coordinate the stripes with your own garden,
I don't do social media so can't enter the competition, but no matter, the videos are so worthwhile and after every one me and a mate who has also subbed to you discuss your ideas and it just fills our heads with even more ideas 🤯 😂
Keep up the amazing work. 👍🏻

MC's Creations says:

Beautiful job, dude… Really amazing! 😃
But I disagree. If it was too perfect it wouldn't be that beautiful! 😊

Agamemnon2 says:

The red to yellow gradient turned out beautifully, and from a distance it even gives this really cool almost antique gilding-like effect, as if on a worn old picture frame.

Toro Bravo says:

friend. what camera do you use? Good job!

mixedgas2 says:

I have not done any concrete projects yet but soon.

Aaron McCray says:

Your high school buddy Woody suspiciously looks like Forme Industrious. Or is it just me?

Jake Lile says:

You could add draft (taper) to inner forms to help them release easier. Straight up and down causes a seal and constant friction. Adding the draft all you need to do is get the initial release, which can be done with compressed air, then it should lift right out. same concept used in sand casting to get your pattern to release well.

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