DIY Projector Screen | Backyard Movie Theatre Decor Ideas | SUPER EASY!!!

DIY Projector Screen | Backyard Movie Theatre Decor Ideas |  SUPER EASY!!!

Hello DIY Queens! How about this super easy DIY PVC Projector Screen? This Summer DIY is very easy to make, and great for movie nights with friends, and family. Thanks for watching!


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TheTayraPerezProject says:

Hey Queens! FIY, Projector info in the description box.

JDH H says:

Hello 👋 great video! Do you know if this would work to project from behind for a Halloween hologram?

BehindYour House says:

Don't use a sheet! It's to thin and it will be dim and blurry

Bell Iron Fist says:

I have a theater in my backyard and it’s awesome! We’re gonna watch endgame on it in a few weeks by the pool

msalex0701 says:

Would you mind putting the supply list & how much of the sheet that needs to be cut in the description box? I couldn't catch it all in the video. Amazing project! Thank you!!

keymiakole says:

where did you buy your PVC pipes?

Marlene Presswood says:

I making mine today after work so very creative.

Veronica Lewis says:

Is it me or do all your videos all have 10 dislikes? So you mean to tell me, you have 10 miserable ppl that dislike every video. Get a life ppl and stop blocking your blessing! I Love your work Tayra!

Heroic Miquio says:

what Kind of Material do you use for the Screen?
My Best Wishes…

Kimberly Thomas says:

I love your videos! Thank you for all you do! 💚

Bernice Hall says:

wow got do this thanks

Miguel Pastrana says:

Just did this project with my family. So simple and fun thanks to your video!!!!

bigamp platts says:

Does The Sheets Have To Be White

Don Bacchus says:

Woke up at 6am to get supplies and get ready for a small cookout tonight. Despite a few setbacks at a few stores, I had it up and finished before 10am.
Thanks for making this video

Mrscreative47 says:

You are outstanding creative

Victoria Welch says:

This is one of the most creative and resourceful things I've ever seen.
You're a genius 🤓!!!

vaildes says:

Your whole setup and the movie selection is awesome.

jacadaxray says:

Great Job! Thanks

Vavavoom Omolo says:

Wow this nice,I like it👌👌

Matt McWilliams-Brousseau says:

Amazon link to projector doesn't work. Could you try relinking it? TIA!

Cheryl’s Daily Living says:

Great idea good for church youth group also

Aja OBrien says:

Just made this last night! It's perfect thank you! Tip – if you fold the sheet longways it requires no cutting and fits perfect with the measurements you gave.

TashaSoSimple says:

Oooouuuuuu I like

Tee Frazier says:

This is so creative and FABULOUS! I have to wonder who the one HATER is??? Oh well, just keep sharing your God-given talent. If He be for us….

undecidedlady79 says:

Made one a few years back using this same design.. Its still up and we use it often!! But to make ours weather proof (cause it stays outside) we used a white plastic drop cloth from Wal-Mart

Perry Walton says:

Wow! Just a chance to peek at this project…easy peasy😎 Gorgeous

Kionte Kent says:

Great Work ,As always I am in Awe.
Continue to reach for the stars⭐🌟🌠.

Fabi A says:

Awesome tutorial! You make it look so doable! 👍

Ale Hernández says:

i love the idea!!!

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