Easy Raised Garden Beds // Outdoor Woodworking Project

Easy Raised Garden Beds // Outdoor Woodworking Project

Make these quick and easy Raised Garden Beds in one day! Click here for more info: http://www.thecarmichaelworkshop.com/2016/05/quick-and-easy-raised-garden-beds.html

2×6 untreated boards (4 per bed)
2×4 board (1 per bed)
2.5″ or 3″ screws (40 per bed)

1. Cut each 2×6 into 49.5″ and 46.5″ pieces.
2. Cut four 11″ sections of 2×4.
3. Screw it together! It’s that easy!

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Andrew Westgarth says:

Great video , love the speeded up part too 👍⭐️

T/1982 Spherical Earth says:

Really awesome Steve, I have made 2 of these for growing my potatoes. Great build.

Veronica says:

Simple, but beautiful and useful =) Great video =)

Lewie McNeely says:

We did the same thing with un-treated pine 2×12's. 4×8 feet outside and 10/4 on the Sweetheart being the head gardener. I'm just the maintenance man. Glad everybody got into the act. The family that fills garden beds together shares yummy veggies! IF you do this much Google 'Soil3 Big Yellow Bag' and get one delivered to your place maybe. It's really good stuff and you get a BUNCH in the bag, maybe a cubic yard or more.

Richard Ray says:

You really seem to like to SCREW.(:

Michael Hall says:

Awesome project. Keep us up to date with another video on how the gardens are doing.

Timothy Fagan says:

G'day Steve, Enjoyed you video, Made mine using Red Gum from old railway sleepers "Australian Red Gum is a very tough hardwood" Tim

Braxton Wirthlin says:

Great project, Steve! I've built one raised garden bed and went with construction grade pine as well. Cheapest and easiest option I could find.

Simply Wooden Creations says:

My wife asked me a while back about making some of these….I hope she doesn't see this….LOL…enjoyed the video…great project.

Steve Collins says:

Those look great guy's. No excuse now for not eating healthy :>).

Cy's Corner says:

Stan made a raised garden bed for me, but I never filled it up with dirt. Just a bunch of weeds in there. Cool to see Elizabeth using hers asap!!!

Pasquale Posa says:

Thank you for the idea, I am making them this week. Steve you are the man

Daniel Vilarino says:

Great project Steve! Cheers! Daniel

Mienecus says:

Nice garden project Steve, came out real nice. Nice touch with adding the sign, resulting in a pleasant and happy family video. 👍👍👍 Much succes on growing the vegetables. Are you going to tread the lumber with an oil like olive oil?

Bobby Graham says:

I used Cedar fence boards, I just put a brace in the middle of the long boards to keep any sagging out, The braces were made from non treated lumber screwed in so that they could be easily replaced if needed. Awesome build, Good luck with the Veggies.

Louis Hayworth says:

I would have alternated long, short on each side for strength. obviously considering the different lengths.

Terry Thomas Whitley says:

Great Video Steve The beds look Great, Funny thing is I have just made 7 raised beds as I am growing Potatoes, Runner beans, Radish,lettuce tomatoes cucumbers in the green house 🙂 herbs the eating kind lol. Awesome video Mate. Nicely done done Thank you for sharing…

ManhattanWoodProject says:

Great gardens Steve, and well done to your helpers! I can't wait to see what they look like with the bark nuggets surrounding them. The sign is also deserving of its own video. 🙂

We used 2×4 cedar (western red, I think, but now it's grayish) for our raised garden and the cedar fencing boards for my daughter's small back porch gardens. The raised gardens are on year 4 and are still as strong as ever.

Robert Bock says:

Very good build. I made several of these in the past for my wife. I made mine with 1 x 10 pine untreated. I put on a 3/4 inch plywood bottom and placed them on saw horses to raise them to waist level because my wife has trouble bending over to care for the garden. I need to rebuild them this year. They lasted 10 years so I can't complain.

Watch Me DIY It says:

Those beds came out really nice, and nothing better than working together! 🙂

Ben's Collection and Sundry says:

Very nice, I am a big fan of those exterior screws for all projects.

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