He Was Sick Of His Backyard So He Made A Stunning DIY Deck

He Was Sick Of His Backyard So He Made A Stunning DIY Deck

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He was tired of having no solid clean place to sit outside, so this guy decided to change his backyard a little bit. His backyard was identical to every neighbor and he wanted to set his yard apart from the rest. It all started with this concept drawing below.

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Ganm Alsharafi says:

Came from Logan's new vid lmao

newbeequilter says:

I think he did a GREAT job! As far as the "overkill" in the extra strengthening, maybe he's seen photos of decks collapsing with too many people and too much weight. Or maybe he was practicing to build an even larger or higher one for friends or family with a bigger yard. Hiring someone with the right equipment to dig those big holes was a smart move; it probably eliminated some stress for him and made doing what he was comfortable (or experienced) in constructing more enjoyable. Who knows? Maybe he promised to help that hole digger to make a deck in exchange for his service? Or maybe it that hole digger was out of work and was happy to be able to give the deck builder a great deal.

As far as the comment re. hand rails, his deck isn't all that high off the ground, so maybe the construction codes for his city/state don't require them for this height; and possibly that might be a decision he is yet to make before using it. I like the whole design with the wide steps, garden bed, mitered corners, and especially how he laid out the cedar planks on the diagonal. I'll bet his wife and family are really proud of the job he did. Hats off to you, Mr. Deck Builder; if I were your neighbor, I'd LOVE to have that deck. Nice going.

Aaron Burr At the woods says:

He better put some hand rails on that piece. At least 31” high. That’s code around here. Anyone falls off that thing, sued for sure & if it’s the homeowner that falls the insurance claim will be denied

BaZZaFOO says:

The contractors digging 4 foot deep concrete holes must have laffed there arses off at this noobs total stupidity! Hope they charged the dildo double price.

zwerina56 says:

What happened to the roof as per concept drawing?

SandyzSerious says:

Most people have to pay to have a deck built. The ole man ain't worth the buckshot to shoot him. Just saying.

Grape Kool-aid says:

What a stupid fucking video

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