How to build a brick barbecue

How to build a brick barbecue

Building & DIY expert Craig Phillips shows you how to build your own brick barbecue.

Using a barbecue tray and grill set, approximately 110 engineering bricks, sand and cement, you can build the perfect barbecue for your garden or patio.

The tools youโ€™ll need is a set of trowels, shovel, bucket and a spirit level.


Level –
Shovel –
Trowel Set –
Tape Measure –
Gel Knee Pads –
Gloves –
Safety Glasses –
Bucket –


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Ros Grant says:

Really interesting to see and has encouraged me to try

Nick Cox says:

Were ya motor plasterciser

Mark Symonds says:

This guy came to fame through one of the early Big Brother shows, may even be the first one. He is not a bricklayer but I believe he may be a carpenter. He has done various DIY type programs and imo quite likeable which makes a change from most of the twats that show has spewed out.

Shelby GT500 says:

In south Africa we call it a braai

Jonathan Warren says:

That brick mud was WAY to dry. It need another 1/4 bucket of water

S Cornoyer says:

Great job!!! Efficient and simple

Byron Hackett says:

Use plasticiser it makes the Morta creamy and easy to roll and spreed

Laide says:

Kind of annoyed I didnโ€™t see it with the fire on

Backyard Grill Sergeant says:

Cool grill idea

Esat Head says:

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Shawn Bowie says:

Barbecue is not a verb, and barbecue is not a grill. Barbecue is meat, prepared in a very special way, which varies depending on where you go.

iNeoCats says:

I mean the idea was good, but only on paper, I personally wouldn't use a grill like that.

Imre Olรกh says:

Does anyone know what tile is put on the top please?

Big Al says:

I love videos like this only thing I would do different is add another level before the first burner level for different types of cooking. But love the video

ShotgunAndAShovel says:


yasin attalah says:

Thanks good job simple and clear

BF Florida says:

Bravo ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

William Vaughn says:

Thanks for sharing this. Looks good

adams eve says:

They make pointers instead of using a troul

Adam Manzie says:

Not really sure, but think he might have laid some mortar

Manic Mailman says:

I like how Craig takes pride in his work.

think on these things says:

Awesome. Like it.

Angel Delarue says:

just buy a bbq

Knights Templar says:

Itโ€™s always nice to see a master craftsman at work, brilliant tutorial ๐Ÿ‘
Mine would probably look like when Homer Simpson tried to build a BBQ Pit

Graci T says:

Your so awesome

Judah L-P says:

I came here thinking "this could be a cool little project". I quickly changed my mind after watching him mix the concrete by hand

jesse sanchez says:

Great video thanks!

Maria Littmarck says:

Love this, no fast forwarding and he explains every step so that I can understand. He`s a pro so mine is gonna take forever but this gave me a lot of confidence to actually do it โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

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