How to build a Firepit in 4 minutes!!

How to build a Firepit in 4 minutes!!

How to build a Firepit in 4 minutes!!



Scott S says:

Are these people so stupid that they don't realize the video is 4 minutes, therefore, you built in 4 minutes?? If they can't see the irony in that, this country is in deep shit, with morons like that walking around. Man oh man!

Michal Dobrzynski says:

Find a green plain. Dig a hole with ancient forged shovel. Arrange all the magical stones in properly astrologically. Work days & nights all the time avoiding attacks of wolves and hounds ? Naaah – thats too epic 4 me. I'll find an easier vid. Thanks though.

Brummy BOY says:

Looooove this

Zaytuna Ibragimova says:

In 4 minutes?

alex rash says:

что это было?

F. García says:

danger collapse

Red Dot says:

4 minutes when its sped up

Оля Мамаева says:

что за милион даунов это смотрели

kelly flores says:

Don’t lie the video is 4 minutes

Rivanda Costa says:

Gostei do cachorro kkkkkkkkkk

Василиса я says:

А собаки помогают, стараются!!!

roblerO santizO santizO says:

No. Tengo idea qe es

RK FINGERS Malayalam says:

Halo pattigal

Ashi Hussain says:

4 minutes… 😂😂😂😂😂
More like 4 days

Margretta Nongrum says:

How to build a fire pit in few days hehehe

Ilona Valentová says:


JumbleMT says:

Fire pit = pile of rubble in a hole. 4 minutes = 4 days

Merawat Bonsai 43 says:

Subscrib back please

Roxana Martinez vazquez says:

exelente solo por los hermosos perros bien atentos los amo son los mejores ayudantes aunque nomas den vueltas y vueltas.

lianhua1978 tan says:


Анжела вараева says:

И что это ?

Miriam Inturias says:

Que feo jardin

Preeti Bharti Bharti says:

I just noticed your cute dog .

luna llena says:

Tu perro esta muy flaco.. 😖

Alexa Levs says:

Детский сад.. ))

Евгений Боровик says:

Ебала, а главное не русские не поймут, что это реальная ебала.

Maria de Lourdes Cardoso says:

Arrancou risos e lágrimas! Lembrei-me de meu gato aproveitando os buracos para fazer coco dentro…

Татьяна С says:

У нас на такой случай говорят: "И так сойдёт!". Честно, как по мне получилось неаккуратно, такая конструкция будет разваливаться постоянно.

Brittany Rice says:

See i knew you could sweep the lawn! This was easy! I think i can handle this lil project! Ill try to build an outdoor grill also

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