How to Build a Ground Level Deck (Father & Son Project)

How to Build a Ground Level Deck (Father & Son Project)

Here is one way (of many) to build a ground level deck. My son and I built this in a four day period. Simple, easy, and practical!



c BULLOCK says:

What was the cost if u don't mind me asking

Isaac Perez says:

Good job! Going to be building a wood deck by myself and your guys video really helps. Thanks.

megaton38 Ujk says:

Wow no beams 16 # 32 just 4/4 16 or 17 in ? Wow 😮

Rich Obeshaw says:

Looks nice however very generic, should have staggered 2 8fters, 2 16fters, and gone length wise.

Dede Vaughn says:

I've not seen the entire thing yet, but I hope you put in there what it ended up costing you. That's a really big deal for some people like me. I wouldn't even know how to begin to figure out the cost or the estimate if I wanted to do this. Thanks for your consideration! I hope it's in there and I just jumped the gun LOL

Eric Carille says:

What did you put under all of the joists to support them?

darthdrk says:

I did something this inside of a pole barn for a floor to put some shop tools on. Part of the floor I put down a vapor barrier and . The decking is basically on the ground. Not really air circulation underneath. Although used treated material, they are rotting due to no airflow and moisture build up. (Less than 2 years ). I have to redo the all floor over . Next time Im raising the floor up some and a total vapor barrier under the entire floor.

Run Hard says:

Since I am not an expert neither a professional this look good to me.


That is so pretty

Pamela Jones says:

hey.. wanna do a project in my back yard??  I live in PSL too  😉

matt tolhurst says:

Timber swells and shrinks in heat and moisture. Without airflow or drainage boards will start twisting and pulling through the screws.
Was this advised to you or was it just a we will give it a shot type thing?

amaury mercado says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking about doing the same in my backyard but flushed against the house.

Tomeka Pompey says:

My works too. Used wood prix handbooks and build it with no problems.

M. W. Amos says:

Good Job made it look easy it will always be someone saying what you should have done keep up the good work

Tug_Slug says:

Dude you should’ve put at least 3inches of rock down first. Built your deck at least a foot above ground for air flow and spaced the slats one eight to one sixteenth apart again for airflow


Nice build guys!

mboudreault01 says:

your boards were supposed to run the length way not the short way…..standard

Dr. Stewart Productions says:

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