How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen – Modular Panel Assembly

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen – Modular Panel Assembly

In this video you will see our pre-cast concrete modular panel system for constructing fully customizable outdoor kitchens in 1-2 days. This modular panel system is by far the quickest and most affordable way to build a beautiful outdoor living space. Great for both professional installers or anyone looking to DIY. For questions, please email us at

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Kevin Nguyen says:

A wooden base where water can accumulate is a no, even it is rated for below ground, wood will eventually rot.

Tom Foster says:

looks like a pain in the ass fuck this im sticking to charcoal grill $25 walmart

John L says:

Roughly, how much would this same layout cost from trained installer? If I did this, I'd be lucky to do it in 1-2 weeks- no scratch that- months!:)

Miguel Corona says:

Where are the links for all these supplies or at least a list I can use to get everything from Lowe’s?

Jill Wilson says:

That was a large crew!

ricardo leon says:

Where do I find those panels?

Samad Abdul says:

you're kidding right. You have a 100 people working on this. Of course it's possible. In fact, I'm surprised it took this long for you to build just this.

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