How To Build Cedar Raised Garden Boxes – Easy Beginner Project

How To Build Cedar Raised Garden Boxes – Easy Beginner Project

This episode I make 2 DIY raised garden boxes out of cedar and give them a shou sugi ban finish. This is a really basic beginner DIY project that can be made with very few tools.
I had fun building it, and I think they look great in the backyard.



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DIY Nurse says:

Thank you for the great idea. I like how you kept it simple.

YupDatGuy says:

Hey man, as a fellow dad who does woodworking I started feeling like it wasnt practical with kids, but you re-sparked my drive. Thanks man, keep up the great work.

MB Wood Creationz says:

Recently found your channel, great job 👍 on the planters.

Ethan Carter says:

Not gonna lie – I was worried there for a second that there was going to be no fire in this one…but I should have had faith!  Awesome use of those knee clamps as well haha!

Final Form Fitness says:

Nice man. Just stumbled onto your channel and I'm digging it already. Subbed of course!

Иван Препелица says:

Мне очень понравилось все просто и красиво

NMranchhand says:

I was waiting for it to, "gray nicely", then you lit the thing on fire!

Andrew Towner says:

love your vids man, dont stop!

Rick Schuman says:

Not that easy. Not for beginners.

spartanedswarrior says:

Nice great job

Mohamed Dorgham says:

Good work
From libya

crommy927 says:

Loving your videos. I’m a dad and know just enough to be dangerous in my shop as well.

The Grant Alexander says:

I stopped watching at 6:46 because I am a super beginner 😉

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