How to build your swimming pool – Step by step

How to build your swimming pool – Step by step

Nicole build a swimming pool in her backyard in Holland.

The handywoman lives in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht.

You can follow the entire process of building the plunge, a small or tiny swimming pool. And maybe you also get inspiration for: Build your own swimming pool.

Bouw je eigen zwembad

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Your mothers chair says:

Now you too can build a swimming pool in 1 hour and 22 minutes

Scott H says:

Kudos to Mom for all the hard work. Wouldn’t it have been easier to get a killer nice above ground pool that is bigger and has a deck built on it?

My Acrylic Journey says:

Well done Nicole! How many days did it take for you to do this project?

Paloma Burgos says:

I want to be like Nicole when I grow up

Evelyn Victory Matheny says:

awesome job, i am sure it was labor of love with lots of reward for you and your family.

Eli B says:

She is doing what most women can do but they are afraid that they fear that they will not be considered so called 'feminine' and some people will even go as far as saying that because the women choose to do things like they they are emasculating men; interesting to note that there is no word for men when they choose to do things people expect women to do like cooking etc noone says the men are efeminating the women… How come women cannot just do her things and men do their thing too without all these absurd judgements and foolish standards?

Robin Chang says:

'oh my god" take almost 2hrs building a swimming pool while other creator only take 10minute , feel like forever! im out

Bearded Dawg says:

That’s a bath tub

Joshua Hood says:

Awesome job.

Queenee Cutamora says:


Xcaner20 says:

Damnn this woman have skills!!

Lillian Frisbie says:

why was the wife doing the whole thing???

Jennifer Ramirez says:

When your Netflix account ain’t working and you came across this video 😂

Jennifer Ramirez says:

When your bored in study hall and watch this for 1 hour😂😂

Toms Best Life says:

Umm Sweet Baby Jesus dont every let that lady go she is one in a million. 👍

mipilot30 says:

She wanted it done with her own hands and skill set. Very capable but I would never do it given the work vs just putting in a prefab pool. In-ground swim and exercise pools are installed in much less time and more practical. Different strokes for … It must be her passion to create. Most people could never it do much less do it as well as she did.

Mare Visser says:


Макс Имгоф says:

Баба молодец !

Vic Son says:

She is awesome

Bediha Arslan says:

Wow…I’m really proud of this beautiful woman 👌🏻

VisionEmu says:

Pool? Bathtub…

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