How To Make a Concrete Fire Bowl | Gel Fuel

How To Make a Concrete Fire Bowl | Gel Fuel

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How to make a simple Diy Fire bowl with Gel Fuel ” See description below for the details “
– Gel Fuel for the fire
– Black Marbles
– Instead of Marbles you can use this Fire Glass Onyx Black
– Sakrete high strength concrete mix
– 2 bowls
– Wire mesh

Tools & Miscellaneous items Used
– Hand shovel
– Rubber Mallet
– Palm sander aka Sheet sander
– Sand paper 80 grit and 220 grit
– Any oil should work
– Weights or large rock (hold bowl in place)
– Tin Snips




DIY Creators says:

– Gel Fuel for the fire
– Black Marbles or Fire Glass Onyx Black
-Tin Snips
– Hand shovel
– Sakrete high strength concrete mix
– Black Plastic Catering Bowl

carlos c says:

Dude … that's cool

Roberto Ojeda says:

What type of concrete did you use? Is it already factory mixed?

Raimy Difo says:

This is so beautiful !! I'm definitely going to try

محمد الدحيم says:

Oh my good very creative you're amazing!!

That Pretty Muthafucka says:

Everything he makes is straight out of my dreams as far as men home decor

Hand Crafted Creations In Wood says:

Can you please say what type of marbles those are and possibly state what the can is and talk a little about what your burning erm as I really don't know, so the can stays in? Please and thank you.

Edson Miguel Galan Villafranco says:

100 veces es más fácil verlo, que hacerlo.

benjamin felland says:

That was a great idea with the palm sander. I saw some voids on the inside of the concrete, do you think those would cause a problem if you had decided to have the fire further down in the bowl? Maybe some cracking or spalling?

Patricia Saenz says:

Nice idea 💡

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