Mancave Build Project 1

Mancave Build Project 1

An image montage of the Project 1 Mancave build.

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Dawn Dragum says:

You didn't place any jack studs when doing the door lentils which is a code violation. Also vertical bracing does not provide the roof support that horizontal bracing does and is also not to code (at least in the US). There are several more code violations and while I do know that some cities and states (*cough* California *cough*) have some down right silly building codes the ones I saw from this short video are not trivial and will significantly effect the duration and stability of this building. Plus rot is going to be a major problem with the foundation in a short period of time.

I don't want to be rude but you might want to get a contractor certification or re-test for one if you already have one.

2008tfe says:

This does not look to code.  People looking at your local building codes.  If you spend a lot of money on projects you saw on youtube and not follow code your going to have a bad day.

MrSLacKHacKer says:

wow! nice build . heres my attempt at a shed

seb so what says:

Very nice with that corner window! But all in all! I dont know

john smith says:

shame about the flat roof part from that a nice job

Elise Konicov says:

Who else felt like the music was violating them

tttenney says:

Good video, but that music makes me want to jam pencils in my ears and fill them with cement.

Reece Bingley says:

15k for that! Spend an extra 5k with planning permission and get one made from brick, with foundations and tiled roofing. Will last forever and at least it won't rot. This is an oversized shed.

Gerardo Salas says:

What's up with that whorehouse music?

Ian Stratton says:

Also, your framing is going the wrong way… vertical posts are stronger and last longer.

Punchball says:

15k for that? Am i the only one that thinks it looks like garbage and its gonna rot….

Ben Youmans says:

That close to the ground, what about wood rot? overhead insulation with no breathing room What about wood rot

B King Bandit. says:

15k for that. lol

B King Bandit. says:

15k for that. lol

Kian Something says:

thats a shed mate

Craig Harrison says:

What wood did you use?

Ashley smith says:

how much did this cost to do?

Andres Rubalcava says:

bad ass! thx for the idea!

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