Outdoor Projects | 11 Tips for a DIY Sod Installation

Outdoor Projects | 11 Tips for a DIY Sod Installation

Today we are working on an outdoor project. I am sharing 11 tips for a DIY Sod Installation. I worked on this last fall and the grass looked so go now 6 months later that I wanted to share how it turned out.

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We had a big area where we tried to do some gardening, but found out that we just didn’t have the time. It became a big weed fest and was very unsightly. I decided to just level it out and do a sod installation video about it. It was quite the process from start to finish. What looks like it took five minutes actually took a few days. It was the prep work that took the longest time. I wanted it to be really flat so when I irrigate it all gets a drink of water equally. We will see how that turns out this spring when I irrigate.

Anyway here are the tips I shared in the video.

Tip 1 – Prep the Area
Tip 2 – Order Ahead of Time
Tip 3 – Add 10% More
Tip 4 – Have it Delivered
Tip 5 – Improve the Soil
Tip 6 – Level the Area
Tip 7 – Lay on Delivery Day
Tip 8 – Same Orientation
Tip 9 – Stagger the Joints
Tip 10 – Water the Sod Daily
Tip 11 – Ask for Helper

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