Paver Patio Backyard Makeover

Paver Patio Backyard Makeover

In this video I will show you how we took our old, sad Fire Pit area in our backyard, and transformed it into an incredible Paver Patio Fire pit area for our family.


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Rafael Gracie says:

Love ❤️ it thanks

Et Q says:

You put the patio too close to the ugly wooden fence. You needed more room to plant shrubs to cover the fence. Would be better to be in a more isolated area in the yard so your neighbor isn’t right there over the fence. I would have added drain pipes since rain will just soak into the patio and there’s no way it will drain away with the foundation being 5 inches below the grass.

Stephen J. Lonison says:

Decent video. Having just put one of these in. I think there is one thing you didn't do and then somewhat glanced over. The biggest problem with DIY jobs like this that the average user has is settling. Most specifically, settling on the edges. Most masony quarries will recommend that you extend your base 6-8 inches passed the edge of your patio. I can tell you right off the bat, that you graded your patio away from the fence towards the grass. When the water runs off into the grass, its going to roll right off your concrete (this is the part you glossed over basically just covering in a 3 second caption you have to pause to read) and its going to create mud and your paver edge is going to sink out into the grass. It may not happen the first season but I give it 2-3 seasons and your edge is going to separate from your patio. Extend your paver base out 8 inches and it will last much longer. Also, and this wasn't part of the video but, your retaining wall in the back and terribly out of level. It was the first thing that caught my eyes after I threw up from all the spinning of the video in the begging.

colfrankslade says:

Looks awful, not to mention the shifting of the ground is going to make that look like trash in 5 years or less.

cherok says:

Awesome work, but you might regret not wearing a mask for this sort of job one day. Small particulate dust will live in your longs, dude.

MOYPH says:

Not sure why, but the fact that the pavers/bricks are all different colors bugs me a lot. The floor is a different color than the cubes that hold up the seats, the fire pit is slightly different too, and then the new retaining wall is a completely different color altogether. I think it would look better if the cubes were the color of the retaining wall so that they would blend a bit into the background and not stand out as much.

Brick Tamland says:

there is probably a lot of code enforcement in your state that this fire pit would break the law and yuou would need to move it further away from that fence for it to be built in your backyard.

Helder Lage says:

always brilliant;) … thanks for sharing

Adam Wingerson says:

Liked and shared to my handy man of a father. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Your editing skills are top notch and I love the finished build. Keep up the great work!!

Rick Chumsae says:

Nice patio, but even nicer job on the production of your video. Your video editing and scripting stand out.

Kyle Veatch says:

So it's a rhombus…. 😂

Gonçalo Veiga says:

Look amazing!

Deep State says:

people that burn wood in the summer near their neighbors who have their windows open because it's hot, are assholes. Same for charcoal.

Its called propane.

p3t0r says:

What was your total cost?

Bill Carroll says:

Looks magnificent, mate. 👍
Stellar job. 👌

Joseph G says:

We love it.Great job/vid.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Beautiful backyard makeover!!! Giving yah boy a lot of good ideas

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