The Backyard Project Part 1

The Backyard Project Part 1

This is first in many for a backyard project series. It’s taking us a while to complete, but we’ll get it done!

Check out my DIY Lawn Renovation:

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Grass Daddy says:

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Mindaugas nomnom says:

That sound in background make me sad

obadiah7771 says:

I have 5 kids too, and the biggest thing is to learn patience and to space things out. In it all like to work until things are done, but not the case anymore! Enjoyed the vid. Ps. I am getting ready to put down the weed and crab grass killer so I can overseed in a couple of weeks!

kenny Tee says:

"Why do you need your wife permission to do work around the home? Regardless of whose paying for it or who makes more money, in my home I am the King of my castle and needs no wifey permission for the last 17 years.." lol Thumbs up!!

Big W BBQ says:

Very cool! Looking forward to the final product. By leveling out the ground is there any concern with compaction of the soil?

Michael Mohr says:

Level as humanly possible? That can only mean one thing. You are going for a greens mower!!

Oscar Quijada says:

Exciting! Something new! Can't wait to see more. Love ur improv. Keep the vids coming!!

Hoover Amaya says:

I thought that you had something going on with fire but I realize now that it is just sunlight.

Wayne Essar says:

Do you hire a baby sitter so your wife has some time to read?

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