Things to do with Kids: A Backyard Transforms! – The Pool Project

Things to do with Kids: A Backyard Transforms! – The Pool Project

Things to do with kids! Watch as a suburban backyard transforms. Adding a pool is a big project but one the kids will love for years! Add on top of that the addition of a whole heap of landscaping and you’ve got the recipe for a big mess… until it is finished! And what a finish it is! Be sure to check out the finale at the end of the video (before and after shots). Thank you MCI pools and Eastern Valley Landscaping!

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It’s the ❄️ Ultimate SNOW FORT – Sleepover Edition! ❄️



Rosario Miranda says:

Thanks for sharing this family video. It was fantastic and I had as much fun watching the process and your family as they did. Beautiful yard. Great job!

alan wisdom says:

The joy of the kids it's priceless 😎😆

RJ Umlas says:

Awesome footage of the project. Congrats on an awesome pool/backyard. Toast of the town!

Jojo Carait says:

i hade my own house and swimming pool

Isaiah Miller says:

Wow, your pool is nice 😍

Maloy7800 says:

6:48 A child screaming in pain and rattling his chains. Is there a sweeter sound!

Maloy7800 says:

3:44 Here comes the CONCRETE. The concrete consists of cement, sand, salt, water and aggregate (little pebbles or gravels). DUH!

Maloy7800 says:

1:58 Actually would make a pretty cool company name – Digging beings.

Maloy7800 says:

1:01 Logan picking up that thing and moving it is COOL. I know it's very light. What strikes me is the way he does it. It's big, but he KNOWS he'll pick it up. And the way he wipes his hands… PRICELESS. Seriously, whatever happens in this video, this tiny moment will be my favorite.

The Dog Guy says:

60 Degrees? That's cold! Great looking yard.

livingwithliv says:

couple of questions because my dad is wanting to get an inground pool~ How much would it cost in the US? How long does it take to build the pool? Hope your family enjoys it! Its a very nice pool 😀

Kyrel Parker says:

How much would that be?

amefah bansao says:

The slide they got,they shouldve put it beside the pool so that they can slid:)happy to watch more

Maria Contreras says:

how much you paid for all that work where do you live its nice out there

Nikki Torres says:

you should connect your slide from the play set to the pool so you can slide into the pool.

Noah Kasgorgis says:

U are awesome

Adam Brambila says:

love your video's

GeologistKam says:

are they rich or something cause that would be like 100,000 dollarers

Ben And Noah RC says:

Great video!! Can't wait to hit 100 subs!

Rocc Pro says:

Nice pool.. but where is the slide?

Yr4 says:


Alex Ciprian says:

i have a 16×45 ft area u think it would be a reasonable area for a pool??

Slick Swim says:

No more ultimate snow forts?

Jessy says:

This is honestly beautiful, i how much did it cost for all the construction and the pool? We are planning for one too..

john francis says:

Beautiful! What a gift you gave your sons, and probably many kids in the neighborhood. They love diving for coins and wishing the ice cream truck will come by. Memories that last forever.

Emily says:

You guys are soooo lucky now I dont have an underground pool

badgaltay says:

Liked this video was interesting to see

jacqui elle says:

Great video!

Dankulosus Memulosus says:

Dis makes me sad

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