Weekend DIY backyard project

Weekend DIY backyard project

Watch how to use skids & crates to make a beautiful backyard vertical garden.



Mike A says:

Job well done Matt and painter helper! That Bosch multi-angle drill really came in handy in those tight spaces! You can't go wrong with those Kapro Level's and squares. Some trees fell on my fence panels and now I have to repair them. I have some spare slats to use, but I don't have the horizontal cross members. I bought some pt 2×4's that I will have to trim to size, because the 2×4's are too tall. Ideally, I'd use a table saw, but I don't have one, so I have to resort to putting those 2×4's on a sheet of plywood, clamp them down, and use my skilsaw to cut the narrow cuts. Come to think of it, I'm going to add a table saw to my "to-buy" list – LOL. Your backyard vertical garden came out great!

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