12 Easy Bedroom Decor Ideas For Kids | Affordable Home Decor DIYs | Craft Factory

12 Easy Bedroom Decor Ideas For Kids | Affordable Home Decor DIYs | Craft Factory

These home decor DIYs are perfect for you to make with your kids!

0:05 – Felt Dinosaur Door Sign
2:06 – Pom Pom Rug
2:48 – Fantasy Directions Door Sign
4:30 – Penguin Toy Door Stop
5:09 – Dinosaur Toys Lamp Decoration
5:34 – Scrabble Name Door Sign
6:13 – Cats Eyes Fairy Lights
6:53 – DIY Desk Organizer
7:28 – Animal Toys Jar Lids
8:06 – Mystic Night Light Lanterns
8:56 – DIY Dreamcatcher
9:43 – Toy Truck Flower Pot

Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY – from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered.

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Chelsea Cheyenne says:

I'm a lefty too

sliverstone aj says:

OMG why does every diy craft channel cut up plushies?!

M S says:

This is also very fun but there are more levels on your own

Varadaraju says:

Love you so much

l c says:

Can you comment on my comment or leave a Like

barkingmad50 says:

What's with the enormous craft scissors? Even small cutouts from paper are cut with huge scissors!
If these programs are produced to show people how to make easy crafts … show them how to cut details much more easily, with much smaller scissors.

Amitha Girish says:

Love your channel😘😘

daniel michael says:

1prayer for the little penguin

Kristina Len says:

even craft factory is rude to plushies……

Samir Kumar says:

It is nice but just in video
In video it looks that how big it is but it not do big in reality
Ideas r nice but I think there should be some changes made in the size
Whatever it is niceπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

sandip sarkate says:

Any body has noticed that girl is left handed 🀚🏻

Shobha123 Bhatt says:

I love this

Preetilata Agrawal says:

Are you making sandwich?

Mike Hughes says:

when they put the rice in the penguin it only has one eye but when they put it in front of the door, it has two
no hate just saying
i love ur videos

Tullah Ruoss says:

The sharpie on the outline of the foam in the first one bothers me lol

Graham Soriano says:

Please don't let me go back

Prabha Marwaha says:

My brother name is also same I love your videos thank you for giving us beautiful ideas

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