12 EASY Wall Art & Room Decoration Ideas – DIY Compilation Video – HGTV Handmade

12 EASY Wall Art & Room Decoration Ideas – DIY Compilation Video – HGTV Handmade

12 ideas for EASY wall art and room decorations, perfect for your house, apartment, or dorm room! Check out the full tutorials:


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HGTV Handmade says:

Nobody should have boring, blank walls! Here are 12 ideas for wall art decorations anyone can make! Which one was your favorite?

ryan fire says:

yo, in the 5th one, if you want more accuracy; don’t do the specks. i think they are supposed to be stars, but there aren’t any stars in front of the moon.
HOWEVER the specks are pretty so…
nevermind 😂

Resin&AcrylicArtByChristyTrivette says:

Hey guys, great ideas. I'm inspired.

trisha sunflower says:

I think im the only one that cant makenit

Rainbow Black says:

Omg, everything is aesthetic

Cutekittens5 says:


Everyday is laughternoons…

Summer Bluster 101 says:

I really like it i'll do this at home it's stunning

Paratrooper DO says:


Bpanda 11 says:

I just subbed😊😊♥️♥️

shawn mendes and the walking dead lover says:

0:29 in my room it would be bad vibes only… My emo phase has come😂

Dream catcher says:

For 2 yeards

Dream catcher says:

I went out to buy that rope it was $ 11.00

Andie Vecchione says:

All of these are really cool, but #12 shows the slow way to do cross stitch. It's faster, and I think it saves a bit of yarn, if you do all the stitches in a row that lean one way and then come back and do all the ones that lean the other way. For going around the whole thing, you'd go all the way around with one part of the X and when you got back to the beginning, you'd go around again with the other part of the X. At least, that's how my mom taught me to do cross stitch about a million years ago.

Tricia Fat and Sassy says:

My favorite was the scarf painting.

I have a strange obsession with grapes. says:

I got so upset on number 10 when they ruined the piece of art. I really liked the picture. Not a fan of what they did to it.

XxWolfieGamesxX Roblox says:

8:04 ) (my convo with crush) me:Black Frame | Crush:white frame

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