20 Tips for a Cheap and Small Bedroom Makeover

20 Tips for a Cheap and Small Bedroom Makeover

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Al Adhikary says:

Love the ideas

Creaciones, Arte y Cultura says:


Alex Morton says:

None of these look any good
Chalkboard wall is silly. You'll have alot of chalk dust falling over your bed

Eliz Donovan says:

Love the ideas however, the bedrooms illustrated (in my opinion) are not small and the ideas probably would not be applicable in a small bedroom. For instance, in a small bedroom, there usually are no spare walls to give to the luxury of having a huge chalkboard effect on which you can write poems or there would not be space for the adult corner etc. I think if most people could put a couch in their bedroom, they would not consider the room to be small! Perhaps small is a personal definition in the absence of an actual measurement of size. It might be helpful to give the size of a room and to show the entire finished product. Thank you.

Erza Scarlet says:

I really love watching DIY and decorating small place

Mong Xu says:

My room only 4sqm. How to do it?.

Bethany Platte says:

Love the light grey/gray walls with the white accents. That is my dream bedroom right now.

K.arenina Beauty says:

I love the bed in the corner!!! It looks so peaceful!

Nyx773 says:


I like the idea of a 2-toned wall.

3:50 #10 I prefer an uncluttered look and use a 2-drawer wood file cabinet (self assembled type from an office store). I have also seen small tables with multiple drawers.

I could have missed it, but underbed storage is very helpful in a small space.

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