Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

My boy’s bedroom makeover was an investment of time (about eight weekends) and a little bit of money for some new furniture that would go with him when he eventually moves out on his own. This contemporary, masculine look is perfect for teenage boys through career-minded college men, like mine.

Details on this project can be found at


Chalk Painted Dressers –
Pallet World Map –
Crazy Bedroom Lighting –
Hardwood Floor Refinish –

You need to see this: “Ultimate Desk Setup”



Nebula 05 says:

3:17 why is there a box of tissues by his bed?

PirateBroVlogs says:

where is new zealand ?!!!!!

Brentz Gaming says:

Good Thing Youre Rich We Couldnt Even Buy A Vaccoom

Kaden Potter says:

Um are you secretly my dad? I wish….

Alexander says:

too short video!

nahum says:

please spanish subtittles, thanks πŸ™‚

Bobbie Ochieng says:

I can clearly see an Unknowne Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan.

Jodog says:

Handydad: Im gona remakey sons whole room and its the big room too
My family: Eh we change the bed covers
;-; god i wish we had time/money/house to do this

Corey Paradise says:

Lol my dad could build in 5 secs

Liam van Nelson says:

I'll pay you to come do this to my room

Thefunpep says:

My dad would literally not even give me my pencil that was right next to him. He hates me. Really he even said it to my face in a lot of ways

Thefunpep says:

I'm a girl and I'm watching this because I couldn't find any room designs for tomboys..

Lewis Thick says:

I want a raise. Why's my boss such a bum?

Jackie Colflesh says:

The pallet wood world map is very nice!

Sean Wooster says:

I wish my room was as big as his first one

Kinko - Counter-Strike Mods says:

My room has not been repaired for 40 years ;-;

Xzutx876 says:

I want the wood map thing

BeWaRe Jay says:

Smallest room in the house? Dude my parents room is smaller than that

R H says:

Foo fightersπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Marlin Melendez says:

That was nice. Did you ended up hiding the cables and wires for a better, cleaner finished?

Generation Z says:

Please correct your grammar. It's "BOI"

harren warper 28 says:

My dad is an alcoholic

DM Productions says:

a small bed like for a 10 year old .. used by a collage student πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Peter Thorley says:

How much did this cost

Benooo says:

Wish my dad sounded like siri

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