Decorating a room for FREE 🏡 Bedroom makeover on a budget 2019

Decorating a room for FREE 🏡 Bedroom makeover on a budget 2019

Want to know how to decorate for free? Well hopefully the tips in this bedroom makeover on a budget video will help 😊

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Hi, I’m Hermione and I love making DIY projects that are budget friendly and add a pop of colour to your life! Check out my videos to see more DIYs, hacks, lifestyle tips, motivational videos and more

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Hamiltrash says:

smacks hamilton poster on wall what a makeover

Sue Cox says:


Grace Projection says:

3 euro tapestry + dowell + string + magazine approx 10 euro + 1 euro postcard + 20 euro frame + ?? euro paper + baskets ?? euro + ?? sketchbook + garbage + spraypaint (5-10 euro) + lamp cable 10 euro + ANTHROPOLOGY tea towel ?? euro + cushion ? euro + sewing machine needles 5 euro = NOT FUCKING FREE!

Orange Stikbot says:

Lovely! Regards from Norway.

Muralidhar reddy S says:

How to make the boring cup boards into creativity

DinoGlasses says:

Interesting ideas. I also saw the quote 'I don't know what I'm doing and it's the not knowing that makes it interesting' when Hermione was flipping through the flow magazine and added it to my vision board, so cool.

Ashlyn Milton says:

i've been buying the flow magazine for quite some time but i still don't have that photo which i'm dying for does anyone know a way to get it?


Hello friends .come to my youtube channel .make over badroom 😊

Sandy Rodríguez says:

OMG HER NAME IS HERMIONE AND SHE IS A REDHEAD Coincidence? Don't think so. Hotel? Trivago.

Lynne Lipovsek says:

Cut the lengths of tape first then u won't have probs later !!! But your ideas are great ty for sharing your tips with all of us 🙂😊🤗😉

Hasiger Hase says:

i really enjoyed this, and i like the aesthetics

Ruth Burrowes says:

This is the best, most aesthetically pleasing DIY home decor video on the internet. Please make 30

Dottie Land says:

Wallpaper samples are great as well, I like how you are totally honest with how things actually go. We are due to away soon, but when I return I am going to do my room, on a budget.

Thuis Otthon says:

I really respect your worked very hard to have a beautiful home 🏡 but did you buy this house to keep somewhere your stuffs? 🙂

Fatima Zahra says:

Honestly this is the most useful diy vid I've come across

CobraDove says:

What is your new hair colour please….what product or colour is it? PLEASE TELL US

andromeda says:

your hair looks gorgeous !!

Maureen Bullis says:

I found you through Mr Carrington. Your channel is great. I love that you accented the pink with a black pillow.😄

Jas Móras Estínola says:

I absolutely love the pink door, I think I'm gonna do that as well.

coccinella coccinella says:

Wow i really love the picture and the style of your room, a clean -pink floral style 😍 good job

Hannah G says:

“you can use anything for a tapestry”

Me: looks at the custard in my bowl
hmmm… yeaa

ღLoveable Angel ღ says:

Your soo lucky I just wish I can switch rooms with you ❤️😂

shew shew says:

Loving it..

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