DIY industrial farmhouse style home decor | pottery barn inspired | BeeisforBeeauty

DIY industrial farmhouse style home decor | pottery barn inspired | BeeisforBeeauty

This video is about diy pottery barn and joanna gaines fixer upper farmhouse rustic style home decor. These are much more affordable options to get a quick and easy farmhouse look in your home for less!
All products mentioned and more, are listed below!

——– FLORAL ———

pre made affordable boxwood topiary:

fall maple and mum floral pick:

sunflower pick:

boxwood tile:


galvanized oval tubs:

Galvanized Round Trays:

galvanized tub:

Small Galvanized Bin:

Galvanized 2-Tier Round Serve:

Media Galvanized Tray:

galvanized 3d letters:

flat letters:

——— WOOD ———-

6 Piece Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set:

grey wash wood plaque:

wood blessed sign:

wood tier tray:

white wash wood bin:

large wood plaque:

small wood plaque:

wood crate:

dark stain wood bin:


Mason jar glasses:

crystal knobs:

industrial glue:

wood glue:

wood stains:
grey –
dark walnut-

paint brush set:

2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser:

small wood lamp:

large wood lamp:

lamp shades
small –
large –

white simple coffee table: DIY

white X coffee accent table: DIY
the same style shown in this video…

affordable premade coffee table:

poly wood finish:

pure acetone:

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Miranda Braaten says:

Where did you buy your mason jar mugs???

Miranda Braaten says:

Your voice sounds shaky….are you ok?????

Tiki Tiffany says:

great examples!

Joan Wiebe says:

Great video!

Adamm Jarvis says:

You sound drunk as all shit when you reduce your video playback speed to .5 playback speed lol anyway loved the coffee table diy. Looked great!

Jan Beard says:

Great ideas!

ryan pegoraro says:

also happy belated valentines day too.

ryan pegoraro says:

also happy new year to you too.

ryan pegoraro says:

and i also love the beautiful table too.

ryan pegoraro says:

also great project ideas too.

ryan pegoraro says:

i also love when you do cute videos too taylor bee.

ryan pegoraro says:

also your video is such beauty too.

ryan pegoraro says:

great video taylor bee.

Adrianna Kurlenda says:

It's what not wut

Kathy Cullen says:

I didn't catch where you bought the gavanized letters cheap.l

Tammy Williams says:

Where did you purchase the glass door knobs?

Marry bubbles says:

wow this is the style im trying to go for …..its hard as i live in greece but im half english so that english farmhouse isnt easy to make over here …. but have given me some ideas …..thank you …..amazing job btw

sara davenport says:

The way you scribbled over the expensive apothecary jars made me happy lol

Jennifer Dragas says:

your channel is amazing!  keep it up…

Amy Elder says:

Thank you for actually making what your thumbnail shows! Loved a lot of your ideas!

shik shadle says: Please visit our shop for vintage decor items and antiques . 🙂

Gina Diefenbach says:

Yes, enjoyed very much we just moved into a new home & found your video very helpful, thanks so much 🤗💕

Brittany Simmons says:

Girl you are the shit!!!!! This is the look that I am going for In my home, im so glad I found this video!!!

Norma B. says:

I loved every single one!

Heather D says:

I like what you did with the spheres I kind of like that for my wedding where did you get the big glass spheres???

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