DIY Laundry Room Makeover

DIY Laundry Room Makeover

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Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I like the idea of having those baskets handy for delicates that need to sit to the side. I would definitely use this!

flaviane sousa says:

gostei muito

Dejvi Vandeveire says:

Amazing work dude, like always! If you ever need free music for videos check out Chuki Beats!!

Rumblestrip.NET says:

Mate, I'm guessing you didn't do very much research on the washer. Something like 80% of people with front loading washers hate them. The seal from the doors go bad and get pretty nasty very quickly.

Andre Lotscher says:

FYI we just got rid off our front load washer. because of mold in the door gasket. You need to wipe gasket dry every time and leave door open when not in use Also we got the washer and dryer with the least electronics which saved a lot and they have a 10 year warranty…

Jimbo L says:

Nice use of space. Did you run out of concrete?

Fred Banionis says:

You washmachine looks exactly like mine. lol

Igor M. says:

Why 2 washing machines?

HUNdAntae says:

Is there a special reason that you keep using ply boards glued and screwed together(which seems to be quite wasteful) for countertops instead of actual counterboards that are available in endless laminations and textures?

Puto Gonzalez says:

I'd build a removable backsplash to hide those unsightly connections.

David Riley says:

you dont need a gap surrounding the washer and dryer?

ojaott says:

Great makeover, but why does an apartment need two washing machines? Maybe it's a US thing…

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