DIY Music Room Decor!!

DIY Music Room Decor!!

My first diy video yayay 🙂 Been working on this for a long time haha :p And my music taste sucks here i apologise :((


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Title Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Troye Sivan Wild (Instrumental): Luciano Argañaraz
OMI Cheerleader (Instrumental): MS Project Sound
5SOS Permanent Vacation (Instrumental): Ashton Irwin
Shawn Mendes Stitches (Instrumental): Fheer_´s Music
One Direction C’mon C’mon (Instrumental): Taylor Arizona

-Gabrielle Marie



Nayara Santana says:

Ameiiiii sou do Brasilll

Melody Yang says:

When Stitches came on I was like "Hey he is on my shirt rn!" 😂 I'm wearing Shawn Merch while watching this😂

Marissa xo says:

I like the beatles lol

Glendy Hernandez says:

My heart skip a beat when stitches came on Shawn mendes!

Reckless Purple Queen says:

Great vid! I'm gonna try these, but on your CD organiser, why the earth?

MeTV says:

Is it sad that I instantly knew the title and artist of the music from that split second of hearing a can being opened at the start?

Blueberry says:

Amazing Diy's!

Angel stylinson Styles says:

One direction😍

kushdashian mitchell says:

Love it, the intro confused me because i have The City by The 1975 playing in a different tab and all i here was Girls and im like wtf lmao

SeHun'un LuHan'ı says:

5sos <33

Rauhl is burnt says:

Knew this was going to be a great video when where are ü now began

Emmanuel Penaloza says:

Heyy! I love your video would you like to collab?

Violet Brown says:

this was so good omfg
i loved the book shelf im gonna use them for my records and cd's but i dont know how big to print the pictures for them

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