easy bedroom DIY ideas on a budget! (updating my loft) | WITHWENDY

easy bedroom DIY ideas on a budget! (updating my loft) | WITHWENDY

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peachy says:

THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS LIKE…. i know who that lady is…. i swear i ….. OH I KNEW IT

rosettAIRcps says:

I'm interested in that ladder you used! So functional but aesthetic!

Lila Montoya says:

12:45 "my nose is running"
my head "oh no, covid"

Markus Solo says:

Do not use plastic containers for a plant! Use ceramic!!!!

Fernanda says:

O grito que eu dei com a nazaré!!!!!!!! MORTA

Yttecarb Yttecarb says:

I love this video

Corina A says:

It would cute to have a fabric drape from that ceiling structure

Maurice Powers says:

Vintage blankets always came with that kind of trim on them.

Thais Silva says:

The math meme is Nazaré, she's the vilain of a very old Brazilian soap opera. Also caled Nasa, short version of Nazaré. She stole a baby girl, raised her, then after everybody found out the whole thing, she stole her stolen daughter's kid. She also killed a man by throwing a fan into his bathub. Super crazyyyyyyyyy.

Biscotty says:

you made your room into a jail cell…

R Pitt says:

I became distracted by your t-shirt. Love it!

Kinga Kosztyu says:

1:48 me everytime in ikea

Ilana Sprada says:

Wtf, she just use Nazaré

Irisu says:

When she was tracing I just went "Wait a minute. Is that NAZARÉ?"

Angel Carter says:

This was so rewarding to watch!😍😍😍

bookaddict209 says:

obsessed with the shirt you're wearing – i think i'm going to try making one soon!

volubleperspicacious says:

I feel like I recognise that Value Village! Its my go to shopping place haha

Emily Coe says:

U could weave the yellow yarn through the basket and put a plant or something in it

Brenda Shara Gomes Rocha says:

The Nazare Meme! Hahahaha I love that Brasil imports a lot of memes

Just Sayin' says:


Madeleine Starr says:

got to say I'm a little confused about her aversion to plastic pots and going through the whole process of making a paper one when the fake vine is plastic too

kcanded says:

I love that your fingernail color is the same color as the blanket which he thought was a happy daffodil tulip yellow! Just a hint about the tassels: count how many times you wrap the yarn around the ruler. Make it the same number of Reps for each tassel. Tie at the top of the tassel before you slide it off the ruler. Hopefully that will help next time!

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