How to Paint "ALMOST PERFECT" Line Patterns on Your Wall! (EASY)

How to Paint "ALMOST PERFECT" Line Patterns on Your Wall! (EASY)


What’s up poeple of the internet! A large amount of you all wanted me to make a video on how to do the line design I did to my gaming room and now I have made a how to video on it! I hope you guys have a lot of fun watch it and get creative! Don’t forget you can use different colors! If you do try this out be sure to tag me so I can check out your work! Thanks for the support everyone!

MUSIC: Pegboard Nerds – Blackout

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Nasrizal Azira says:

too much talking

Mark & Bam says:

What color will you put in the room?

si sandi says:

Mantul banget

sree 0602 says:

he talks a lot😥

Bella’s Woman in Power says:

Love I’m ready for my new project

Ferry Gunawan says:

This guys only talks

James Edwards says:

Why do I like with just the tape on after it is hairdryed

diab ayyad says:


nishanth KR says:

One doubt !! Will it be sticky after removing tapes ??

Lisa Wati says:

gak jelas kerjany kebanyakan ngomong🤔

Habeeba Anjum says:

Great work! well it would have looked more amazing if you had painted each area with different bright colors!

دعاء أحمد says:

From Egypt
Like it

Asih Mikarni says:


Mae El Jay says:

He looks handsome 😊

faty handmade diy says:

شكرا، عمل ممتع

faty handmade diy says:

Why some one pût "dislike" on an idea of work!!!!!! Bizar

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