I Turned A Random Garage Into My Bedroom (DIY TRANSFORMATION LOL)

I Turned A Random Garage Into My Bedroom (DIY TRANSFORMATION LOL)

So… I live in a garage now. Here’s the little transformation and makeover of my new bedroom.. or garage.. Whatever you want to call it. (I’m not an interior design master, don’t kill me please!)

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Verona Tillqvist says:

I like ur styyyle

Sad Things says:

No te entendí ni m@&res

Mollie Hallström says:

Dude you got your own apartment kinda

mia hensley says:

this is x100000 cooler than my bedroom, so trade?

cristian sanchez rivera says:

where is The spanish? 😅

Arpool Rice says:

Please Speak Spanish – Sobre tu vida tus cosas Favoritas- about you favorite things creo que esta bien yo hablo español y quiero aprender Ingles Help Me!

Rabascm says:

I would go with you to the restaurant :):) but I don't live on the corner.

jas says:

ahh i love tofu house but haven't been in years

Anjhely Anabel Orozco Cabrera says:

Luke yo te vi en Lima 😀

AntonioBC ¿ says:

Me desuscribo si no hablas español no es por que me caigas mal sino es por que no entiendo nada de lo que dices.

Sheidy Alvarez Ogando says:

#4:35 bandera Dominicana 😍🌴🇩🇴

amartialam says:

It made me think about this episode in My wife and kids when Junior has to sleep in the garage next to the car of his dad

Ger Costello says:



4:01 thank me later

BTW plz sub to me, I'm dying….
I'm subs

MARIFER os says:

Its a pretty cool room if I'm being honest, I really liked it.
Love your videos!!!

Erick_Gamer PvP says:

Habla español :v ctm

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