The Best of Nifty: Bedroom

The Best of Nifty: Bedroom

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iris cerda says:

Whats the name of those tape for the courtins.

Jasmine Kim says:

Ugh the music is so loud

Mudasser Arif says:

Don't like the music it should be calmer

Leigh Barry says:

Whomever is reading this, turn the music down🙉 because it doesn't get ANY better!!!

Ronald Bilius Weasley says:

OK what's chai tea though? It's either Chai or Tea. How can it be both?

Angela Shortall says:

i was wondering why you were making so much tea, i was so confused. i was like PEOPLE ARENT THAT STUPID! and the few people that ARE that stupid are over at five minute crafts, not here. lol

Tommy and Mia says:

Oooooo another drawer knob!!!

Frances Walker says:

This music makes you wanna go do some DIYs! Reminds me of James Bond movies! If you don't like the music, just hit MUTE.

Creative Madden says:

The fucking effort but I do like the ideas, the knobs are a good idea, not much work in that haha

ii _DiamondGachaPlayz_ ii says:

That first on was so awesome.

Ryan Butler says:

Monkeys fist*

Felix Felicius says:

Fucking music is awful

Shafi Khan says:

Did the rollaway table

Alice S. says:

I'm confused with the first one. If A is the height of the bed and then you use A for the height of the sides of the table, wouldn't the board that goes across just be on the surface of the bed?

n h says:

The name brand of "brush" at 12:19 ?

LCD D says:

Great ideas! (Music was a bit annoying tho – sorry)

Pototo Rolon says:

Somehow the drawer knobs thing became a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Jacqueline says:

Am I the only person who was irrationally bothered by the fact that a lot of the hardware on the finished products seemed to be crooked??? Am I just imagining this?

courtney m says:

Like any of those draw knobs are actually gonna stay on using glue

Roxy Adaire says:

Need more space? Use this ottoman and put one thing in it!

Dahlia Kassim says:

Music give me palpitations.

Icky Kiba says:

I swear to god if I see another drawer knob

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