Thrifted DIY Gallery Wall Project | DIY Home Decor on a Budget

Thrifted DIY Gallery Wall Project | DIY Home Decor on a Budget

Hi guys, I finally got around to installing a gallery wall in my house, I put it up in my office and love how it turned up. I thrifted loads of pieces for this so it took ages πŸ˜… hope you all enjoy the video!

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b l o g :
p i n t e r e s t:
t w i t t e r :

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Hi, I’m Hermione and I love making DIY projects that are budget friendly and add a pop of colour to your life! Check out my videos to see more DIYs, hacks, lifestyle tips, motivational videos and more

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Looming Nana says:

Hermione, you are so funny. The way you go on & on.; I love your videos madam. Your idea of putting the wrapping paper in frames is fabulous. My theroy is if you can't find the design you want get out your gel pens and make it like you want it to look. Do you think that is a good idea?

Kim N says:

Hermione this new red is so you! This short hair length really suits you as well, you should take a break from our extensions more often, it looks lovely!

Denise Carter says:

Take off those black pieces that let the frame stand. Several are showing and pushing the frames out of whack. Looks great.

Savanna Brewton says:

I have never thought of using scrapbook paper, postcards, or calendar images as prints in frames… BUT THAT IS GENIUS!!

Margaret Lowery says:

I love Snoopy too and all the characters from Peanuts. Your gallery wall looks amazing but I was wondering if I could do the same thing with command strips since I live in a NYC apartment rental.

Chantelle Choy says:

I could only dream of having this much patience!!

Hannah Reid says:

so much effort put it! this has inspired me so much, i am moving soon and want a huge gallery wall. loved that you took the print out of the calendar, i am going to look to see if anywhere has reduced ones! thank you xxxxxxx

DeeAnne Mason says:

Put the pink print in the sitting room where you were going to put the collection of frames. It’s simple, beautiful color And will look stunning there.

Victoria Flynn says:

Why are all the UK bloggers chopping their hair.

The Tattooed Crafter says:

Really lovey gallery wall. Love the transition of hair styles too throughout. The short hair really really suits you. Cant wait for you next home vlog / Reno video x

Vicki Noeske says:

The wall turned out great! When you first laid everything out I thought, oh dear, but it looks cohesive & fabπŸ’–

officiallymrs_adams says:

I'd love to know about your font style that you use in the video when transitioning. Did you create it? If so, what program did you use? Or did you use a pre-created style type?

Constance R Garcia says:

Beautiful gallery wall. 😘
Love the idea of the wrapping paper for placement of the frames. πŸ˜€
You look gorgeous with your new hair cut. ❀

Melissa Sales-Foster says:

Do you have space in your kitchen for the lovely pink art you took down from the office space? I think it would look lovely against the bright white in the kitchen.

Maddie Englese says:

That necklace in your intro is so cute! Where did you get it?

As Anonymous says:

Love the new hairstyle 😍😍

Gabrielle McManus says:

Your charity shop is amazing. The one I go to is tiny and has very little good stuff in it

aida88 says:

Hermione you look beautiful with short hair! <3 Also, looooove your videos. When you're done leaving every single corner of your house so absolutely stunning, please come to mine!! lol

Leen Delie says:

I have a Snoopy like that too (though a different drawing)

Jasmiadam K says:

Totally inspired to put up a gallery wall!

Coach Uthman says:

Am i the only one wondering were is the dry flower from grandma (the round small black frame)?

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