10 Things you should consider before starting a project car!

10 Things you should consider before starting a project car!

Different style of video then you guys are used to but I figured it would help some of you out, and hopefully inspire you to pull the trigger on your own project! So here are some tips and 10 things you should consider before starting a project car.
I go over a few things from Defining your goals, working with your budget, assessing skill level, how to not go broke and ending it off with learning how to ask questions!

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MotionAutoTv says:

Let me know what you think of this style of video! Its something simple and easy for me to produce and edit that allows me time to focus on some other things that are not the most entertaining but still give you guys something to watch! Like it if you like it!

Nathan Summers says:

I have a 1972 opel ascona A. Going to be building it to be a rally car but shes a bit rotten at the moment.

Jarno vw says:

so again the answer is Miata!

Minimalir says:


GTO says:

Just bought a 2JZ to drop into an E36 for the first REAL project car 🙂

Vyppaaa11 says:

Finally a video without a "special" intro. The special intros aren't really special anymore when it is practically every video

Eric Becker says:

You ever think about throwing a shout out to Matix? They are pretty much the warmest hoodies you can buy. I wear mine all the time too.

ACEZ Coffee says:

Real inspiration and really helpful cause im only 17 and I’m about to have a project car love the videos and your a real inspiration watching your videos got me into cars

Jacob Miller says:

So many good points

The Rc Maniac says:

Intro is on fleet

Monster Squash auto says:

ya all we have here in montana is autox

Pushrod Garage says:

I agree with buying another persons project. Taking a car that is bone stock and adding a ton of mods is a pain in the ass and super expensive. You’ll waste so much time searching for every individual part it’s not worth it.

Monster Squash auto says:

awesome video

Goose_XJ88 says:

The other way you have learned to not loose money on project cars is not selling them.. lol

mbsnyderc says:

Number two should be number one do you or can you get the money.because what every your doing is probably going to cost more than you think.

TheBlade616 says:

Do you reckon it's possible to turbo a 1 litre 1999 VW Polo?

The Average Driver says:

would you recommend buying a car from a junkyard?

Andrew Oliva says:

Everyone save money!

drewx420 says:

#9 is the reason i went from a straight track idea on my ek to a lifted J-WRC inspired build. 180hp fwd 2" lift , Classic rally light setup for them snowy nights on the backroads , lots of fun in the rural gravel roads and trails in my part of Canada.

guusish says:

Nice Vid! I am from the Netherlands and coming to Amerika in a week for a six-month intership in the Detroid area. I am looking for a supra but do you have tips how I can search nationwide? In the Netherlands we dont have craigslist. Further i hope to find a LHD TT auto and build it to a Manual. Do you know what costs i am thinking of to do this excluding the price of the transmission. Hope to hear from you, Greetings Guus

yanmustand says:

it's all about that Saab Life 😂

Paul smith says:

Reddit is THE forum

Julian Hernandez says:

Trevor is the mannn

BarkleyTV says:

Easy to produce, entertaning to watch, SUPER usefull for some people. You know, i'll take it. Dont be afraid to make those when you wanna take it easy or dont really have work to do!

Rice car says:

I have a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse with timing issues and front end damage (I have a parts car for the parts and its the same year and color), and a 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse with a bad headgasket and on some pretty low coilovers, step 1 for me is to get them running good lol no idea what's next, I'm thinking of making the 99 look as clean as possible, with a front lip and nice rims and coilovers, and have a little bit more fun with the 95, any ideas?

dangeranger says:

forums are just as shitty if not more then facebook, i was on forums back in the day and unless you where in the little forum “click” and youd ask a question they would say use the search button, i dont see that happening on facebook groups

Jason W says:

More times than often projects are started, Never finished. Claiming not to be in any hurry makes them procrastinate.   End up selling remaining mess for cheap.

Adam Henderson says:

I have just bought another e36 m3 coupe. Didn't think just bought it.

Exhaust-ed says:

Right on the money with this👌🏻🙌🏼

Kiesh says:

'Project cars keep me sane' there's a t-shirt right there.. nice vid dude

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